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Rocket Booster Landing by Elon Musk deserved praise from President Donald Trump

During a Cabinet meeting Thursday morning, President Donald Trump took the opportunity to discuss the progress that private space exploration companies have made in researching rockets.

The President mentioned Elon Musk, SpaceX's founder and lead designer, who successfully launched one of Musk's Tesla vehicles with a SpaceX space suit on board last month. The sports car was launched during the test launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket, the world's newest and most powerful rocket. Every launch of the Falcon Heavy costs $ 90 million, according to SpaceX.

Thursday morning, Trump said : "NASA is making tremendous progress and is using a lot of private money, a lot of people who love love rockets – and they are wealthy, so they will probably be a little less wealthy but a lot of rockets are rising up. "

 Spacex Falcon Heavy on Launch Pad The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket on the Launchpad at Kennedy Space Center, on 6th February. SpaceX / Flickr

But Musk's main goal for acquiring wealth is only to turn man into an interplanetary species. "I really have no other motivation to personally accumulate assets except that I can make the biggest contribution to making [humans] multi-ethnic," Musk said during a technical presentation at the International Astronautical Congress in 2016. Musk estimates According to Forbes' net wealth on Wednesday was $ 20.6 billion, more than six times the total value of President Trump.

Trump said he was more impressed with the first steps of the SpaceX missiles than with the introduction of the Falcon Heavy itself. "They came back without wings, without anything, they landed so beautifully" Trump said about that Rocket Booster. By reusing the rocket amp, SpaceX saves a significant amount of money every time you launch it.  Falcons heavy Booster Landing SpaceX successfully landed the boosters from the Falcon Heavy's maiden flight on February 6th. SpaceX / Flickr

Musk, former member of the Trump Advisory Councils did not respond to the praises on Wednesday. Instead, he sent a series of tweets in which he asked the president about the rules for dealing with China, especially when it came to the rules and regulations for vehicles. Musk is also founder and CEO of Tesla, the electric car company.

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