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Rockland County states the state of emergency over the measles outbreak, bars that are unvaccinated from public places

ROCKLAND COUNTY, New York (WABC) – Rockland County has declared a state of emergency over the ongoing measles eruption and Executive Ed Day has announced that unvaccinated minors will be excluded from public places.

As of Wednesday, March 27, at midnight, anyone under the age of 18 and not vaccinated against measles will be banned from public places until the statement expires in 30 days or until they receive the MMR vaccine.

Officials said law enforcement agencies would not patrol the streets or ask for vaccination records, but if anyone violates the statement, their case will be referred to the prosecutor.

Parents are also held responsible for their children if they violate the state of emergency.

Officials say that there are no religious exceptions and that they have collaborated with area rabbis who have encouraged their members to get vaccinated.

According to the Declaration of Urgency, public places are defined as a place where more than ten people should gather for civil, governmental, social, religious or social purposes, or wait for consumption or transportation for recreation or shopping or for food or drink , for day care or for educational purposes or for medical treatment.

A public meeting venue also includes but is not limited to public transport vehicles, including but not limited to buses or trains that are in public or private ownership, but not taxis or cars.

There are currently 1

53 confirmed cases of measles in the county, reports health authorities.

"As this eruption continues, our inspectors face resistance from those who try to protect them," said Day. "They were called upon or told not to call again, they were told," We do not discuss, do not return, "when they visited the homes of infected people as part of their investigation, which is unacceptable and irresponsible the health and well-being of others, showing a shocking lack of responsibility and concern for others in our community. "

Day said the purpose of the state of emergency was not the arrest of people, but the education of the community and the attainment of compliance.

"This is an opportunity for everyone in their community to do the right thing," said Day. "We must do everything in our power to end this outbreak and protect the health of those who can not be vaccinated for medical reasons and the children are too young to be vaccinated."

Day said he knew religious holidays would soon be on the agenda, but if people immediately went to emergency and vaccinated their children, they would still be able to enjoy Easter and Passover with their friends and family.

"We want people to celebrate," he said. "We do not want a repeat of how this eruption started when we saw people gathering and getting sick last fall, we want all their friends and families to enjoy something difficult is when measles hang over their heads.

The Rockland County Department of Health will hold a free MMR vaccination clinic at 1:00 pm. until 3pm on Wednesday, on the second floor of Building A, Robert L. Yeager Health Complex, Road 50 Sanatorium Road, Pomona, NY.

"We can not allow this outbreak to continue indefinitely," said Day. "We will not sit idle while children in our community are at risk, this is a public health crisis, and it is time to raise the alarm to make sure everyone takes the right action to protect themselves and others His neighbors protect safety from us all in Rockland. "

Risk groups include pregnant women, children under 6 months, those who are weakened or immunocompromised, those who have not been vaccinated against the measles, and those who were born before 1957

: What You Should Know About Symptoms, Vaccine and Treatment of Measles

Health officials say the best way to protect yourself and the community is to get involved To keep measles vaccinations up to date, and that high levels of population vaccination help protect people who can not be vaccinated, because they are too young or have certain health conditions.
"We encourage everyone to stay abreast of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to protect him in the event of a future measles disease in Rockland," said Health Commissioner. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert said. "Measles is very contagious, so anybody who is not protected from measles is in danger of getting the disease, and he can spread measles to people who can not get vaccinated because they are too young or have certain health problems . "

Free MMR vaccines are available at the following number:
– The Rockland County Department of Health at 845-364-2497 or 845-364-2520 to schedule a free MMR vaccine at the Pomona Health Complex to agree.
– The Rockland County Department of Health's Spring Valley Family Planning Clinic provides MMR vaccines on request for family planning patients. Family Planning Clinic patients can call 845-364-2531 to make an appointment.

In addition, MMR vaccines are available from local health care providers or call a locally qualified health center.

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