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Rolling Stones Tour postponed as Mick Jagger falls ill

The band will not go on a 17-gig tour due to the health problems of singer Mick Jagger on April 20 in Miami.
"Mick recommended by doctors for whom he can not go on tour This time, as he needs medical attention," he reads a statement from the band.

"I really hate to let you down," he wrote.

"I'm Devastated To postpone the tour, however, I'll work very hard to get back on stage as soon as possible."

The doctors told Jagger that he was "completely recovering so that he can get back on the stage as soon as possible. "," according to the band's statement. "

" We apologize for any inconvenience caused by those who have tickets to shows that Fans, however, would like to reassure them to keep these existing tickets as they are valid for the rescheduled dates announced shortly, "the statement reads.

The Rolling Stones are one of the most recognizable names in music after more than five decades It's not going to be good in the industry.

They have been nominated for 1

2 Grammy Awards and received three awards, and will meet their tour dates in the US and Canada as Jagger recovers.

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