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Boiled corn regulates intestinal transit

Corn is one of the richest products in unsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated acids, vitamins A, B, C and E as well as in antioxidants and fiber with mineral salts (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium).

Practically in a single corncob, whether cooked or baked, a real dose of health is hidden. Mainly because corn is the main ally in the fight against aging due to the high magnesium concentration.

It protects you from stress

Another characteristic of the constant consumption of corn is that it supports the functioning of the nervous system, muscles, heart and the production of red blood cells.

Vitamin E in its composition offers protection against arthritis and more. Consuming a single corn every day significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and the development of cancer cells.

Helps with digestion

Because it is high in fiber, it helps regulate intestinal transit and is a good diuretic that over time, when taken almost daily, can help fight the body’s water retention.

If you have edema, the best way to do this is to take two cobs of corn to remove the kernels and then cook the cobs for an hour. After cooling, strain the juice, put in the refrigerator and consume 2-3 cups a day until the edema has gone.

Polenta treats colds

Any corn can help you with a cold. All you have to do is make a small polenta, put a towel on your chest and then put the warm polenta on.

But its impressive effects don’t stop there. Corn Silk If you put it on dry land and make an infusion of it by drinking 2-3 cups of corn tea, you can help treat diseases like prostate adenoma, arthritis, chronic hepatitis, rheumatism and a good additive in diets or obesity.

Heals burns

Put St. John’s wort flowers in a glass and pour corn oil over them, soak them for at least 20 days and then strain the macerates. This maceration works wonders for burns or peripheral circulatory problems.

You can put 2 tablespoons of dried corn silk in 200 ml of boiling water and take a teaspoon every two hours. You will find out how its calming effects solve problems of lazy bile, which also have anti-hemorrhagic and hormone-regulating effects. chosen for women.

Did you know that …

… has it been proven that cooked corn contains over 63% of the vitamins and amino acids it contains?
… corn significantly reduces the accumulation of toxins in the body and slows down the aging process?
… if you add corn to soups, do you improve their nutrient content?
… a teaspoon of honey with a cup of corn tea is the perfect way to regulate kidney function?

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