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His nerves are bubbling over the Internet. Ștefan Bănică, unleashed! What annoyed him?

Ștefan Bănică started a major daily scandal on social networks after a fan made an insulting comment on Lavinia Pârva, the artist’s partner. In his comment, the internet user described Lavinia as a “whore”. In addition, he added that Lavinia had resorted to many cosmetic surgeries. The artist immediately jumped in defense of his partner The reaction from fantefan Bănică …

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The explanation behind Dan Bittman’s desperate statements. The connection to his dead parents

Psychiatrist Gabriel Diaconu says he understands why Dan Bittman vehemently challenged the restrictions imposed by the authorities because he had no medical training. The explanation behind Dan Bittman’s desperate statements The specialist says that his statements only make the work of doctors more difficult when it comes to the common man. It’s worth noting that Dan Bittman did not shy …

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Lidia Buble, on the heels of Cornel Ilie and Răzvan Simion! He said everything that happened between them! Finally he admitted

Lidia Buble revealed what’s behind the relationship with Cornel Ilie or Razvan Simion To clear up all these discussions, Lidia Buble opened her soul and talked about the men in her life, but also about the moment when she will get married and have children. In the article: Also read: Lidia Buble, bizarre behavior when leaving a club! VIDEO Also …

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Horoscope. The most incompatible signs! You will have a toxic relationship. You cannot be happy together

Zodiac horoscope cirlce on dark background. Creative background. Symbol concept. 3D rendering Horoscope. You’ve probably heard of toxic relationships before. Well, the zodiac sign can tell you in advance whether or not a person is made for you. There are some completely incompatible zodiac pairs. The first couple to open the list of incompatibilities is Aries and Capricorn. For those …

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Bomb in showbiz! Dan Negru signed for another media project! It’s not on Antena1

The pandemic has changed the entertainment industry and many television productions have disappeared or have taken a break. This also applies to Antena1 projects in which Dan Negru was involved. He didn’t have a significant income, but luckily he’s also a very good entrepreneur who has invested his money in other areas such as real estate, which still makes him …

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