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Chinese and Australian astronomers, discovery of the Milky Way

A new study by Chinese and Australian astronomers revealed the world's first three-dimensional image that presents the spiral pattern of the Milky Way with high accuracy, showing that the disk of our galaxy is not flat but deviates in the report and is twisted with its center informed Xinhua.

The study was published on Tuesday in the online edition of Nature Astronomy. Many people have believed that our galaxy looks like a flat disk of stars orbiting their central region. However, the authors of the new study have found that the distant regions at the edge of the Milky Way deviate and are twisted relative to the central axis. a three-dimensional structure. According to Chen Xiaodian, study coordinator and researcher at the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the exact distances separating the Sun from the galactic disks were key elements in the true appearance of our galaxy.

The Galaxy's Complex Model

Scientists have created a complex model of the galactic disk based on 1

,339 variable stars that are four to 20 times the size of the Sun and up to 100,000 times brighter than the Astral in ours solar system. These stars, which provide a high degree of accuracy in distance calculation, were used as primary distance indicators to create an intuitive and clear picture in three dimensions of our galaxy. In analyzing this 3D map, the researchers found that the new star disc resulting from these calculations, due to a spiral pattern in the form of the letter & # 39; S & # 39; distracted and gradually twisted. Subsequent studies confirmed the theory that stellar morphology is in perfect agreement with the aberrant aspect of our galaxy. "This new discovery could help us determine the shape of the Milky Way, and it could be a key element to better understand how galaxies like the Milky Way form and develop," said Deng Licai, co-author of the study.


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