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Grief in the world of film. He died after a long suffering

It grieves in the world of film. A well-known actor died after long suffering.

Sir Alan Parker, the famous British director who made films like “Fame”, “Avoid” or “Bugsy Malone”, died at the age of 76, the BBC reports on Friday, Agerpres quotes.

His filmography also includes films such as “Midnight Express”, “Mississippi Burning”, “The Commitments”, “Angela’s Ashes” or “Birdy”.

Alan Parker, a founding member of the UK Directors’ Union, was also Chairman of the British Film Council.

He died after a long suffering

Sir Alan Parker died on Friday after a long ordeal. He is followed by his wife Lisa Moran-Parker, five children and seven grandchildren.

Alan Parker received the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1

995 and was ennobled in 2002.

How and when he started his career

Alan Parker was born in London in 1944 and began his career as a copywriter. He soon began to write and manage commercials.

In 1974, he directed BBC’s “The Evacuees” and won a BAFTA for directing – the first of seven awards the British Film Academy received.

In 1984 the British Film Academy awarded him the prestigious Michael Balcon Award for excellence in British cinema.

Although Alan Parker has been nominated twice for directing, he has never won an Oscar.

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