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How were the twins Nana and Lulu born?

He Jiankui contributed to the birth of the twins "Lulu" and "Nana", whose DNA has been altered to make them more resistant to the AIDS virus that infects the baby's father, writes Agerpres.ro

Experts meeting at a press conference also recommended "an independent review to review this claim and identify the alleged genetic changes."

The process is a great achievement and a world premiere. He said the twins were born a few weeks ago.

Eight couples, consisting of a seropositive father and a seronegative mother, voluntarily participated in an experiment, which a couple eventually withdrew.

He Jiankui recalled a second pair in his speech of "Another Potential Task", without clearly stating whether this task is ongoing or an early spontaneous abortion.

"Even if the changes are reviewed, the procedure was irresponsible and incompatible with international standards," experts in the human genome area said.

"There are inadequate medical indications between the gaps, a misrepresented study protocol, non-compliance with ethical standards to protect the well-being of research participants, and lack of transparency in developing, reviewing, and performing clinical procedures," they said.

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