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Iohannis decides if he accepts the challenge of Danila to attend a television debate

PNL President Ludovic Orban announced that Liberals will hold a meeting on Monday evening after announcing the official final results of the November 10 presidential election. Then they will decide in round 2 on the campaign strategy of Klaus Iohannis.

According to journalists, on Monday, when President Klaus Iohannis agrees to attend an election debate with Viorica Dăncilă, Orban has announced that the decision will be taken this evening.

" Tonight we have a meeting campaign team.When we have the results, we set the strategy and will publish them accordingly. – said the PNL leader.

In fact, the liberals are stuck convinced that "the President will win in Round 2 with a very high score." [1

9659003] "I am convinced that the President will win with a very high score in Round 2. We are preparing for the second round, to start a direct campaign aimed at the people, because we are interested to show as many as possible to the Romanians the President's project, the President's solutions and the ability to put these solutions into practice Very many Romanians came to vote and vote with the president. "- said the PNL leader.

On the other hand, Orban was very pleased that Iohannis was in the diaspora elections got the most votes. Contrary to rumors that showed that a favorite abroad would be different, namely Dan Barna.

. "- Orban said.

Viorica Dăncilă wants a debate with John

PSD spokesman Valeriu Steriu reaffirmed on Monday, Inv. Invitation to President Klaus Iohannis to attend a debate before the second round of the presidential election.

" We are preparing very much for a debate, we would like very much that President Klaus Iohannis come to a debate or at least a debate, we have invitations from some televisions and respond to these invitations, but we need them In the first round, I did not see any wish from Mr Johannis, I provoked him several times, "Steriu said in a press statement that, according to Agerpres, took place at PSD Headquarters.

In his opinion, a larger number of debates would allow voters to do so. He knows the candidates better and accuses the President of not having participated in interviews or debates during his term "with unpleasant questions".

"The election took place in some rooms, only with party colleagues, I think a president should go out and join in. Be transparent, open, joke, have a sense of humor What we want to see a president " explained the Social Democrat.

The PSD spokesman added that of the some 18 million people in Romania and two million in the Diaspora, three million agreed with John and two million with Viorica Dăncilă.

"So there are still 18 million votes we can go for and 17 million for Klaus Iohannis, so the game starts from zero to zero ," he said.

On Sunday, the day of the presidential election, Danila said a debate in the second round with PNL candidate Klaus Iohannis was important, as both had the highest positions in the state, President and Prime Minister, and the Romanians should listen to what they did in their mandates.

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