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Porsche 911 – What do you risk if you take a 911 with 30,000 euros? | second hand

After 14 years from the date of manufacture, a Porsche 911 of the 997 generation is no longer inaccessible. The listener should, however, know what risks he is exposed to. I have tested a copy of 2005 with 105,000 km on board.

Well, really: did it ever happen to you that you stole your dreams? What if you were able to meet at least some of them instead of raising hard money for the new family compact SUV or providing substantial sums for the monthly rate of an urban apiary? How about having your own Porsche 911 without assuming that you sold it to a creditor for decades?

Fortunately, the Porsche coupes are made in quite large numbers, although they are part of it. a niche segment. If you put aside some savings and make some administrative efforts, you can finally pay the price for such a dream. Of course, the 911 generations of air-cooled engines, including the 993 series, have entered the expensive phase for several years and have gained the status of a collection vehicle. The first generation with coolant, the 996 series, does not completely reflect the stylistic identity of the Porsche 911 – purists say the headlights look like egg shells. What is the handling of his successor, the 997 series? The return of classic round headlights with their introduction in 2004 went straight to the hearts of the fans. The car's design is impeccable and second-hand prices are more attractive than ever.

The copies Carrera and Carrera S from the first years of production are to be found at prices of around 30,000 euros. But how well is a Porsche 911 rated? Our German colleagues examined a case within the Axel von Blittersdorff dealer in the east of Hamburg. Out of curiosity they also asked a Porsche network service some questions about the cost of technical intervention.

The working time was about 200 euros, so they saw themselves trembling from the head to ward off migraine. The concern about the technical condition of the machine is not without motivation. In this regard, we note the symptomatic oil leaks for the 3.6- and 3.8-liter engines (Carrera S). An additional sealing of the engine block saves you this concern. But not that of a possible weakness of the patches (there were yield errors in the distribution in different rolling intervals between 50,000 and 250,000 km). No matter when, that costs a lot.

A brand service costs around 20,000 euros for a major engine repair. A completely new engine can not be found for less than 25,000 euros. However, the service employees did not complain: "There are enough customers who seriously invest in the mechanical part. Some people gave up the engine after half a year, and then he ran the entire 911 through. "

Some encouragement comes from the warranty offered by Porsche, but the car is only serviced in service shops. the brand, which means another high cost. In addition, a 15-year-old car may also require other investments to function as expected. For example, new tires. These are not cheap either.

The desire to have a Porsche 997 that promises that in its earliest youth, it could spray its allocated budget in an explosive manner. A set of spark plugs that meets 100% of the brand's requirements costs around 1,200 euros. At intervals of about 60,000 km then the brake discs and the plates have to be replaced at the front axle. Nothing else, they can be solved with 800 euros. How it would be: failure of the upper attachment point of the shock absorber, rusting of components in the exhaust circuit and failure of the audio system. In the first years of production, the plant failed to reach 997 on the high quality level of its predecessor. The technical interventions in the engine compartment (rear) are not comfortable at all, which increases their price from the beginning.

Something more typical for 997: the T-shaped front frame that carries the fans. It consists of an aluminum alloy that is sensitive to "blooming" corrosion. To replace it is not a question of "if" but of "when". The play "im Gips" costs around 1,700 euros. Also in the area of ​​the cooling circuit: Because the temperature sensors are getting worse, the fans have sometimes not started. Do we still have to say how serious are the disturbances that can go along with the boiling liquid? Not even replacing the sensors is too cheap.

Dennis Neumann from the Porsche workshop says: "You can not save a lot on spare parts, those of cheap origin become rather vengeful and unpredictable after installation, but avoid the idea of ​​inferior or retreaded tires from the beginning The same can be said for the brake pads, which can cause some of the most serious problems. "

Finally, the good news is that the car's financial depreciation will not be high if it remains in good condition not feeling like the resale price, and the time to stabilize the SH rate for 997 is not far off, and cars that were a bit more expensive at first (convertible bodies, automatic transmissions, four-wheel drive, etc.) are now tending to level off In addition, remember that a more complex car is a higher one Risk of default.

If you're scared of everything you've read above, remember that the Porsche 911, including its superiority, is the most popular sports car in the world. Quality. A dream that is fulfilled in reality inevitably loses its ideal status. Do you dare to live your dream?

Harassment waiting for you from behind – The engine is kind of Achilles heel of 997

Place the engine in the narrow compartment in the narrow compartment cooling problems.

Interruption before the evacuation circle after the tunnels. Sometimes it forces corrosion there.

The weak alloy lining the 3.6- and 3.8-l engine cylinders inside accelerates the piston wear.

Who believes that with the start of the 997 generation in 2004, the sensitivities of the well-known engines of 996 were left behind. This was confirmed by the expert Dennis Neumann, who works in a specialized service (but not part of the Porsche network) in Hamburg: "New problems have emerged especially with the new 3.8-liter engines that are equipped variants Carrera S.

The inner surface coating of the cylinders dissolves slightly over time, adding that the cylinder's enlargement from 3.6 to 3.8 liters was achieved by shortening the pistons, and these are increased by increasing the friction in the cylinder Even if there is no rupture, engine performance is compromised, and problems with engines can also be caused by undersized stock bearings, and our service is to replace them with new, stronger parts to replace. "In Porsche workshops costs a complete engine replacement from 20,000 euros, including all known sensitivities.

Dennis N eumann us – confirms that several specialists offer different optimizations for the mechanical part of the 997 series with or without relevant warranties. The complete series replacement of the engine brings you in principle another 100,000 km without major problems. The generation 996, which was produced earlier and was the first to have liquid cooling, has similar sensitivities.

Exhaust circuit

Compared to the 996 series, the exhaust circuit is less resistant over time. Necklaces and screws fail first.


Rust, which occurs at the upper attachment points of the shock absorbers, impairs their function.

Audio Amplifier

A typical audio system error is the amplifier malfunction, can be replaced, but costs about 700 euro.


Sporting skills are also in demand here: the brake linings in principle withstand some 30,000 km. In a double bearing and the replacement of the discs is required.

Air conditioning condensers

In front of the heat sinks in low position, immediately in front of them, they are exposed to pebbles. on the way.


The design of the 997 series with rounded headlights and pointed fenders was a success. His sportiness is not without blemish. The statistics cite various default risks, which make it difficult to assess the coexistence of the vehicle in the medium and long term. Some of his sensitivities were resolved during the 2008 facelift.

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