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Prince Harry shocked the royal family! And what about Princess Diana? Doubtful reaction

After moving to the United States, Prince Harry seems to have come so close to his mother-in-law Doria Ragland that he calls her “mother”.

The mother of actress Meghan Markle conquered the two with her help in the growth of little Archie, but also because she teaches him yoga and meditation.

Everything happens in the Megaconac of LA, made available to the former royal couple by media mogul Tyler Perry, a close friend of the Duchess of Sussex.

In support of this revelation, the Daily Star quotes a top source: “Harry fell in love with Doria so often that he jokingly greets her as a mother with a very bad American accent that both laugh at.

Prince Harry jokingly said to several people, “I know Doria is the one who keeps everyone in the family healthy.”


But it is serious if he also describes it as a guide light, and this seems to be more true than ever in these turbulent times.

He says it helps him feel “focused” and more relaxed than he felt in a few months.

I have a strong feeling that Harry is uncomfortable with his situation. “

Otherwise, the American actress’s brother Thomas Markle Jr. attacked his sister for the indifference shown to her father, who recently turned 76.

Meghan Markle didn’t even send a message to her father, proof that she hadn’t yet overcome the scandal before the royal wedding.

The American actress remains strong in her positions, although her father has recently had heart surgery and such news can affect her health.

“My father said leaving the royal family in the UK is the stupidest thing Meghan has ever done. He is very concerned about them.

For a reunion, he completely gave up on Meghan and Harry. He doesn’t trust her and doesn’t want to know this person because of lies, manipulation and deception.

He just celebrated his 76th birthday and of course never heard of Meghan, ”said the Duchess of Sussex’s brother.

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