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Romania risks a violation of the environment

The NGO agent Green warns that at a recent four-day meeting in Brussels, European officials said in Brussels that Romania was risking another environmental breach of illegal logging. "Romania is experiencing one of the worst environmental crises registered at the European Union level: destruction and exploitation in National Parks and Natura 2000 sites, which are theoretically protected natural areas, came to Brussels officials last week as Agent Green and EuroNatur members For the first time, the European Parliament and the European Commission presented the investigations and abuses authorized and encouraged by the Romanian authorities, and our investigations were carried out using journalistic methods, as the government institutions to which I requested information about the arrangements had been using journalistic means Romania, for example, rejected us, Romsilva told us that this data is secret: from 201

4 to date, Romania has lost the equivalent of an area of ​​3,600 hectares of secular forests on Earth, that is, on the surface a football field, multiplied by 7,200, "said Agent Andrei Ciurcanu, investigator Agent Green.

He found that the timber exploited in the national parks was loaded and transported in more than 60,000 lorries, ie a 200-tonne column, during the period under study. Lorries filled with logs from Bucharest to Nadlac

Den According to data released Monday in the press conference, the national parks most affected by the aggressive exploits and having lost the most biodiversity are Călimani, Domogled Valea-Cernei and Semenic – The Caras Gorges, natural areas where even secular beech forests are belonged to the UNESCO heritage, as well as the largest forest of the European Union, the Nere Izvoarele

. Agent Green's investigations revealed the illegal practices of destroying the white mountain rivers illegally used for transporting logs, illegal exploitation in violation of park management regulations, the lack of ministerial orders for settlement plans, the irrevocable destruction of areas of European land use Significance of felling trees without legal documents, misapplication of some laws for

"Through the industrial exploitation of these nature reserves and secular forests, the Romanian state has generated revenues of between 60 and 100 million euros over the past five years is the result of a calculation in which the least expensive wood assortment available on the market – the firewood – is the price of one cubic meter for 50 euros, the actual income can exceed 100 million euros Selling wood as high-quality wood is sold at twice or triple the price of firewood, but has invested less in eco-friendly reconstruction 15% of revenue, ie between 12 and 15 million euros, accounts for much of the salary spent on salaries " says Agent Green.

Andrei Ciurcanu, director of the Agent Green Investigation, said the organization had 33 lawsuits filed by the Romanian state because the required information on the quantities of wood processed in national parks and facilities was not made available and it was ensured that the organization represented by it Taking All Steps to Involve Romania in Environmental Infringement Procedure [19659002] "The Romanian state's desire to exploit secular forests as much as possible is not only obvious. Despite numerous requests from Agent Green, the Romsilva National Forest Company, a state-owned company, refused , which manages 12 of the 13 national parks in Romania, data on the amount of wood that was cut and removed from the parks they manage, arguing that this information is secret and their publication would affect the business of the company an example loose abuse, as more than half of the areas covered by the parks are public property of the Romanian state and their administration is of public interest. Through investigative journalistic methods, we have been able to publicize these data and make them public to expose the massacre in these last oases of wilderness, "said Ciurcanu, who said that forests in national parks make up only 1% of Romanian territory With the greatest biodiversity in Europe

Agent Green pointed out that the series of investigations was considered by Agent Green, "A National Disaster / Out of Control", which was recently presented in Brussels – shock and concern "and said Romania risk opening an infringement procedure.

"I have to admit that what we've seen is worrying, shocking and weeping in the sky, and if only a small part of what we've seen is true, then that's a concern of the European Union We speak of a unique heritage not only of Romania and Europe, but of the entire international community, especially since the Carpathians are home to Europe's last wildlife, "said Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director of Natural Capital of the European Commission.

Thomas Waitz, member of the Agriculture Committee, again In petitions of the European Parliament and the representative of the Greens in Austria says: "My message to the Romanian authorities is:" Protection of national parks, otherwise there is a possibility that Romania will initiate infringement proceedings because this is not the case is to adhere to European legislation. "

According to official reports and information from the Forest Inspector, the volume of national parks in the period 2014-2018 is estimated at 1.216 million cubic meters of 83,000 cubic meters, PN Semenic Gorge – Carasului (240,000 m), PN Domogled Valea – Cernei (280,000 m) PN Retezat (15.000) mc) PN Jiu Gorge (8.000 mc), PN Buila Vânturariţa (13.000 mc), PN Piatra Craiului (50.000 mc), PN Cozia (60.000 mc), PN Cheile Bicazului (7.000 mc) PN Ceahlău ( 130,000 mc) Calimani (190,000 mc), PN Rodna Mountains (100,000 mc) and PN Măcin Mountains (40,000 mc)

The official data shows that there are currently 1,572 nature reserves in Romania (over 23% of the country's surface area) Protected nature reserves: 1,066 Protected nature reserves that do not require management structures are assigned to a series of 142 sites for 260 stakeholders (NGOs, commercial enterprises, educational institutions, research, etc.).

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