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SUMBER projections for the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral. What the architects say about the lack of a crucial element

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, suffered a great deal of damage when a fire broke out on Monday night, April 15, and architects say the building can never be restored to its original state.

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Reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral, impossible: what architects say about the absence of a crucial element

Bertrand Feydeau, vice president of the Patrimony Foundation, claims that the roof of the cathedral can not because "on the territory of France there are currently no trees of the same dimensions as in the 12th century."

Feydeau explains for France Info Radio that the wooden roof, which burned in the fire, was built with beams over 850 years old, comes from secular forests. Most of the large 12th-century trees were cut for construction, making them a deciding factor in the current state of the trees on French territory.

The height of trees is determined by many factors, such as neighbors, environmental conditions, availability of suitable nutrients, and tree genetics Certain trees of one species may have genes that allow them to have a higher altitude than other trees of the same species. So when the tallest trees are felled, it goes without saying that only the tallest trees will multiply.

Another major problem is the large-scale deforestation that was taking place at that time. Many trees have grown since the 7th century, which means that much of the wood destroyed in Dombrand was destroyed 1,300 years ago

.For the construction of churches castles and ships needed large quantities of wood, leaving a large part of the wood French forests are felled, writes Daily Mail .

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"It was a time in France when deforestation was a big problem because these buildings needed enormous amounts of wood," says Stephen Murray Art historian at Columbia University

the official website of Notre -Dam Cathedral says that while the building was built in the 12th century, large-scale tree felling became worrying. The entire structure of the cathedral building in the center of the French capital was made from almost 1,300 trees.

Notre Dame Cathedral is famous for its incredible beams and wooden sculptures, the main features of the gothic ceiling.

Unfortunately, the approximately 12-hour fire destroyed the structure of the medieval building. The main tower with about 750 tons of leaded oak collapsed through the roof of the monument.

The nature of the "wooden skeleton" of the Notre-Dame Cathedral makes rebuilding impossible. The building contains some of the 12th-century Paris' oldest construction woods.

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Each beam is a single tree that calls the roof "forest". The trees used to build the structure were cut around 1160, and some sources claim that the beams were from over a thousand trees.

At present, only 4% of Europe's forests are part of the secular forests. have never been touched by humans.

Experts say that this combination of structures, which did not protect against a potential fire, led to the rapid spread of flames that threatened the entire building from firefighters

Shortly after the fire was extinguished, they discovered Authorities that the altar and the cross of the Cathedral Notre-Dame were rescued by flames, which were photographed surrounded by smoking ruins. Also one of the most valuable objects of the monument, "The Spin Crown of Jesus", survived the flames

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