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Take the train to Vienna! Surprising for the inhabitants of the western region

From 2019 we can take the train directly from Oradea to Vienna. Austrian Federal Railways The ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) enters the Romanian rail passenger transport market, while in 201

9 the company's trains include destinations such as Oradea and Cluj-Napoca

. The information was published by the business location. This shows that the decision is a first and will come about through the liberalization of the passenger transport market in Romania from 2019 onwards.

For example, ÖBB will introduce trains in Vienna next year – Budapest – Oradea – Cluj Napoca. According to the cited source, the circulation program will look like this: Vienna (10:42) – Budapest (13:19) – Cluj-Napoca (22:25) and Cluj-Napoca (07:40) The Minister of Transport, Lucian Şova, said in This month, he is preparing a contract for the liberalization of passenger transport by rail. "From July 1, 2019, Romanian consumers will find a wider range of transport and rail services available to other operators than the current operators, be it the national company or the few private operators," said the minister

The ÖBB Group employs over 41,000 people and consists of several companies that manage the rail infrastructure and operate passenger and freight services. The ÖBB transports 459 million passengers and 115 million tons of freight annually.

Source – ebihoreanul.ro

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