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Top 100 of the largest listed companies

The global economy is currently about technology. Data is the new oil – says a word, but it does not mean that the oil has completely disappeared from the landscape.

In times of crisis, one would think that everyone should tighten their belts and hold onto money as much as possible. However, the real winners are those who know where to put their money, as they will be the biggest winners at the end of the crisis.

Paradoxically, the market value of the 100 largest listed companies in the world rose in the second quarter, ie until June. And the surge cannot be ignored at all – according to a PwC report, it is nominally over $ 3.5 trillion. It reached $ 25.04 trillion.

It is 1

% lower compared to December last year. However, the trend is surprising in the context of the pandemic, as PwC experts speak of a strong return in market value after the decline caused by the pandemic outbreak, ie in the first three months of the year.

Top 100 largest companies in the world

The top of listed companies is dominated by Saudi oil giant Saudi Aramco. Then the technology giants come, including a Chinese company. We find the following locations after Saudi Aramco Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Alibaba and Facebook.

“The market value of the 100 largest listed companies in the world returned strongly in the second quarter and almost fully recovered from the 15% loss recorded in the first three months of 2020 when the Covid 19 pandemic broke out,” according to PwC’s global analysis, “Top 100 companies by market cap,” updated on June 30.

After a period of decline in the first three months when investors were a little afraid, the recovery now seems to have started.

“The pandemic caused significant distortions in the capital markets in a short period of time, but the largest companies in the world still offer investors relative security, but with significant differences in performance between regions and sectors. Consumer technology and service companies have been the driving force behind the return of global capital markets in the world second quarter, a good sign of the economic recovery. They will continue to perform and benefit from accelerating digitization, the growth of online trading and the migration to the cloud, “said Dinu Bumbăcea, partner and head of PwC Romania Business Consulting -Department.

By activity, industry and raw materials recorded the highest increases from March to June with 33%, followed by technology with an increase of 28% and services with 25%. Oil and gas companies posted modest growth of 10% and the financial sector only 5%.

By region, US and Chinese companies saw a 2% increase in capitalization, while European companies decreased 3%. The United States remains in first place with more than half (59) of the companies, followed by Europe with 17 companies and China and its regions with 15 companies.

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