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Why should Laura Bretan be sabotaged by two foreign jurors at Eurovision Romania, who recently raised VIDEO?

Ester Peony will represent Romania at Eurovision 2019 after winning a surprising victory in the National Selection Final thanks to the international jury. Four of the six members give him the highest score.

Instead, the winner received only three points after the show, the favorite of Laura Bretan. Since the announcement of his admission, the winner of the competition has been the main favorite after winning "The Rumians Have a Talent" in 2016. This year he came to the final of "Americas Got Talent."

But Laura lost a lot in the jury's vote, and just as unexpectedly were the members who gave her the tiniest notes, the same ones within a month for the game and the interpretation of the child as fascinated explained. These are Deban Aderemi and William Lee Adams, journalists wiwibloggs.com, a platform dedicated to the phenomenon of the ESC. The two gave him 4 and 6 points, which irritated the fans.

What made the two change their minds? Apparently, Aderemi and Adams did not want to see Laura Bretan on stage in Tel Aviv after learning that she was a supporter of the traditional family and they are also gay and Eurovision is known as a contest that supports the community LGBTQ. In fact, this theory is supported by sources near Laurea Bretan.

On February 1

0, a Eurovision fan, Eric Krüger, aired a short clip from October 2018 in which Laura Bretan called on Romanians to support the referendum initiated by the Family Coalition and called for a redefinition of the constitution of marriage. The 16-year-old boy protested against gay marriage and said, "Our families must be as God has left them."

Shortly after the finals of Eurovision Romania 2019, Krüger sent a message that showed the joy of preventing Laura Bretan from representing Romania in Tel Aviv. The man also claims that this was possible with the help of two British judges, William Lee Adams and Deban Aderemi, who gave their singer small marks, disturbed by her vision of homosexuality.

"We've made it, folks! Laura Bretan, favorite of Romanian television and among the top 3 of almost all international juries, was chosen by William Lee Adams and Deban, two gorgeous gay men from the UK, with the lowest ratings ( 4 and 6 points) were judged by the last international jury in Romania on behalf of wiwibloggs.com Their votes really made a difference, because there was a difference of only 5 points between Ester and Laura, and Laura was the favorite one month ago from William and Deban, but now they have punished them with little notes, and I think it's because, as gay men, they did not think it was right to allow a homophobe to enter the Eurovision. "Eurovision is about music yes, but it is about spreading the message of promoting and supporting values ​​such as tolerance, openness and inclusiveness for all, regardless of Ras sex and sexual orientation. I did it, guys! It was a close fight, few of which were expected, but gay men have won again! We are strong and, as Conchita said in her speech, we are unstoppable! And for Laura Bretan, please think about it: if you hate the others, wait until they get the same from them! It's called Karma! Peace for all! Ester success in Tel Aviv! It is worth the victory! "Eric Krüger sent with a message that appeared in the YouTube comment section of the video with Laura Bretan above.


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