Video of an incident Tuesday at an Italian subway station showing a raging escalator with people heading down into a pile of bodies, causing more than 20 injuries.

The video – released by NBC News, Sky TG24 and other outlets – shows the troubled escalator that dumps passengers in a pile. Some jump off the escalator to avoid the mass of bodies that make audible screams.

The incident occurred at the Repubblica metro station in Rome, and officials say many of the injured Russians in the city were in for a Champions League football match

The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, said the witnesses would have Danced and danced on the escalator before the accident, reports the news agency ANSA. The news agency also reported that the maintenance on the escalators is carried out monthly.

The Russian Embassy in Italy says that up to 30 people have been injured, reports the BBC. Citing firefighters, the Associated Press reports that seven people were in serious condition after the incident.

"The scene we found were people below piled up from the escalator, "quoted AP Rome's provincial fire chief Giampietro Boscaino. "People looking for help had various injuries caused by the twisted escalator, causing severe injuries."

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Photos posted by Italian fire and rescue service, shows mangled machines at the foot of the escalator.

The station was closed by investigators and the cause of the incident was not immediately known

Post: The Associated Press.

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