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Ron & Jasmine Cephas Jones First Ever Father and Daughter Emmy Winner – Deadline

On Saturday night, Ron Cephas Jones took home a second Emmy for his guest appearance on the NBC megahit This is us and it is was a family affair as Jones’ daughter Jasmine Cephas Jones also won an Emmy Thursday night for her work on Quibi’s #FreeRayshawn, This makes them the first father-daughter winners in Emmy history.

In the virtual backstage press room, Ron Cephas Jones said, “As a parent, it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever felt. Winning another Emmy is the icing on the cake, but seeing my daughter progress and move to this place where she earned an Emmy is indescribable and I tear apart every time I think about it, to be honest to be. Seeing my daughter grow healthy and happy is a parent̵

7;s dream. “

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He added, “We have always been focused on work since childhood and when we got out of the theater it was always about doing a good job. If you do what you want and you are happy and you are healthy, that is victory in itself … When we found out she was nominated, I told her that if your work is recognized, that is victory in itself and victory itself is the icing on the cake that keeps you humble and hungry. “

Previously won for This is us In 2018, Jones was nominated four times for the role of William Hill in Dan Fogelman’s intergenerational drama, which continues the Pearson family to this day, as well as in flashbacks and flashbacks. “It’s the first role I’ve had a professional actor on TV on a show that I’ve actually played a long role in, so I was able to find all these beautiful layers in the character over several seasons. It gave me the opportunity to finally show what I am capable of. “

He added that he was also developing some projects with Jasmine. “Hopefully where things will come from as well as some collaborations with my daughter.”

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