WASHINGTON – Navy Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson said Thursday he retires from consideration as President Trump's candidate back to become the next secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs amid a flood of allegations of past misconduct.

"Regrettably, these false accusations about Washington's functioning are a distraction for this president and the important issue we need to address – how to give the best care to our nation's heroes," Jackson said in a statement was released by the White House on Thursday morning. Jackson said he expected "hard questions" about his qualifications for the VA, "but I did not expect that I would have to honor elseless and anonymous attacks on my character and my integrity."

Trump told Fox News, that Jackson's decision did not surprise him – "I saw where that went" – and said "it's a shame" how his candidates were treated, including "Doc Ronny."

Jackson's nomination lasted less than a month as he came under scathing criticism for lack of management experience, and then this week because of allegations from colleagues that he had misrepresented Opioide drank at work and promoted a hostile work environment in the medical Office of the White House, where he is a doctor of the President.

These charges were in addition to previous, independent investigations in 2012 and 2013, in which he demonstrated "unprofessional behavior." This contributed to a "toxic" workplace and encouraged him to sharpen his "self-esteem" of behaviors that gave employees the impression that they were "purely politically motivated for their own development".

White House Press US Secretary of State Sarah Sanders had defended Jackson on Tuesday, saying his report was "flawless," but she also said that White House officials have blamed the recent allegations made during a US investigation. Senate were uncovered. More: 6 Great Things the New Chief of Veteran Affairs Will Address

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