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Ronny Jackson will not return as Trump's doctor

Retired Navy Admiral Ronny L. Jackson, President Trump's personal physician, withdrew his nomination to head the Department of Veterans Affairs in the wake of late allegations. (Alex Brandon / AP)

Ronny L. Jackson, a Navy Rear Admiral whom President Trump had unsuccessfully nominated to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, will not return to his former role as personal presidential physician, a representative said White House on Sunday.

Jackson, who retires last week as Trump's VA pick, will continue as part of the White House medical unit, the official added. Sean Conley, a Navy veteran who took over Jackson's responsibilities after his nomination, will remain Trump's personal physician.

Jackson, a former combat doctor who was criticized almost immediately that he could not supervise VA, withdrew his nomination Thursday, according to Sen. Jon Tester's (D-Mont.) Office, allegations against Jackson that he joined work, over-prescribed medications and initiated a toxic work environment.

Jackson's new role was first reported by Politico

Jackson denied allegations against him that proved difficult to verify or disprove. The tester's staff must still release documents supporting the allegations, and a Friday intelligence briefing said the agency found evidence to support one of the specific allegations.

On Saturday, Trump Tester called for resignation. In a tweet, the president alleged that Jackson was "not true."

"There were no such findings" Trump tweeted . "Terrible thing we have to live with in DC, just like the wrong Russian agreement Tester should lose race in Montana Very dishonest and ill!"

The tester faces a tough re-election campaign by the Senate before the mid-November deadline , and the president made it clear that he hopes to use the Jackson incident against testers in the race.

"I know things about testers that I can say," Trump said later on Saturday at a Michigan election campaign. "And if I said it, he would never be elected again."

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