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Rory McIlroy fan hit by lightning "hurt and shaken" at the golf event

  Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy


Ryan spent the summer in a Wisconsin camp

The father of a teenager from County Tyrone, who was injured in a major US golf tournament during a lightning strike, said he was "caught cold."

Terry Murphy of Cookstown said his son Ryan, 1

9, was followed by Rory McIlroy at the event in Atlanta when the "Freak" incident occurred.

Murphy said his son spent the summer in the US and the golf trip was planned for a year.

"He is hurt and shaken," he said. "And he wants to come home."

  • Six people were injured by lightning

He said they sent a text message all Saturday, with Ryan providing a live commentary on the tour championship.

Both are members of Killymoon Golf Club at Cookstown and Ryan had gone to Georgia alone for a McIlroy victory.

"I asked what he was wearing to see if I could watch him on TV," he said.

] Ryan's latest text was about the game being interrupted because of a storm. When the news of the lightning hit, Mr. Murphy said he only knew something was wrong.

"he said.

" He lives. "

There was no answer, so the family shouted around in hospitals.

The panic and ignorance lasted about 45 minutes Woman talking to a nurse, Ryan picked up his phone.

"I heard the beeping of machines and knew it was medical," he said.

"The first thing he said to me was "Don" & # 39; do not say anything to Mama & # 39 ;. [19659903] Image Rights
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A lightning hit a tree near the 15th green

Ryan told his father he had hid under a tree when lightning struck, and all he could remember was waking up "meters away" with the emergency services around him.

is not an internal damage, "said his father.

Ryan returned to his hotel on Sunday afternoon and hopes to return to Northern Ireland on Tuesday.

He had just finished camp one week ago and was off Chicago traveled before taking a flight to Georgia.

He was to travel to San Francisco and then to New York before coming home to begin at Queen's University, where he will study civil engineering with architecture

His father said it was "unfortunate" that he had to do so canceling his plans, but "he's alive."

The Irish State Department said it was "informed about the case" and "provided consular assistance

Five more people were injured after the lightning hit a tree near the 15th Green at the East Lake Golf Club.

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