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Roscosmos is ready to help NASA if construction of the Soyuz alternative is delayed – RT World News

Soyuz rockets stand ready to launch astronauts if development of manned spacecraft in the US is delayed, Roscosmos said after NASA announced plans to purchase additional seats aboard the Russian spacecraft.

"We are ready to help American partners if their new manned spacecraft attempts are delayed," said Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin on Twitter. "We agree with NASA's proposal to use both American and Russian spacecraft for the delivery of mixed international crews to the ISS [International Space Station] in the future."

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The news comes from delays in NASA's commercial crew program, which has not yet developed and certified an American alternative to the Soyuz spaceships, bringing astronauts from Earth to Earth Can bring space. With both Crew Dragon and Boeing Space's Starline development almost two years past the original deadline, NASA is taking no chances with private American aircraft manufacturers and intends to purchase two additional Soyuz seats from Roscosmos.

"Such Soyuz Seats ensure uninterrupted occupation of access to the ISS in the event of late US occupation of crew members, thereby reducing the significant risk to ISS security and operations that the absence of US crew members results in " it says in the announcement of NASA. 19659007] Also on rt.com
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The additional seats would provide US astronauts access to the station by September 2020. NASA relies on Russian help The Space Laboratory, since setting up its shuttle fleet in 2011, has paid Roscosmos about $ 81 million per seat.

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