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"Roseanne" is really overwhelmed in Central America

The return of the ABC comedy dominated in all TV top markets, but it was rated highest in …. Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The return of Roseanne to ABC was a hit in the US on Tuesday night. But, perhaps not so shocking for the comedic essay on living in a overflight state, New York and Los Angeles were not the markets where the show was most dominant.

According to Nielsen Media's measured market ratings, the tune-in show of households in 56 of America's largest metropolitan areas, Roseanne scored the highest in … Tulsa, Oklahoma. The country's no. 62 market, with just over 500,000 TV watching households, surpassed the national average by 60 percent, averaging 1

9.0 overnight. The market with the highest percentage of television viewers attuned to Roseanne was also in central time. An impressive 29 percent of TV viewers in Kansas City saw Roseanne

Throughout Nielsen's measured markets, Roseanne averaged 11.9 points in households and 20 percent in viewers. Other over-fulfilling markets are Cincinnati (# 2), Pittsburgh (# 4) and Chicago (# 5). The latter, the TV no. 3 market with nearly 3.5 million TV-watching households, helped Roseanne significantly. (19659003) Roseanne was pitched as a timely revival, one that starred Roseanne Barr's support for President. (The iconic sitcom is set in Illinois, so read what you want.) Donald Trump in the narrative at a time when most scripted TV is decidedly liberal-skewing. The star and creative team was keen to emphasize that the new run will not be political, but any defense of the current administration that is only fleeting in the first of two consecutive episodes is a rare television ovation

None of this to say that Roseanne earned its massive 18.1 million viewers and an enviable 5.1 rating among adults 18-49 without any help from TVs Top 2 markets. New York just surpassed the national average for Roseanne with an average of 12.8 rating among households and a 21 percent share. And in LA, the numbers were just below the national average of 11.4 and 18 percent.

And Roseannes 's bondage in Red States was hardly the rule. The show scored the worst on the ABC subsidiary WXLV in North Carolina, where only 9 percent of households were on it. She was just behind a clearly weak show in San Francisco.

ABC wants to win even more viewers for the show. Before the likely significant digital and time-delayed elevators, the network announced that it would be the episodes of Tuesday's Sunday night before the American Idol

Roseanne 's 10th highest rated markets
1. Tulsa, Oklahoma
2nd Cincinnati, Ohio
3rd Kansas City, Missouri
4th Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
5th Chicago, Illinois
6th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Detroit, Michigan
8th Buffalo, New York
9th St. Louis, Missouri
10th Indianapolis, Indiana

Roseanne is the 10 worst rated markets
. 1 Greensboro, North Carolina
2nd San Francisco, California
3rd Jacksonville, Florida
4th Miami, Florida
5th New Orleans, Louisiana
6th Providence, Rhode Island
7. Salt Lake City, Utah
8th Memphis, Tennessee
9th San Diego, California
10th Baltimore, Maryland

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