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Rosen believes he can be the franchise QB of Miami

DAVIE, Fla. – Josh Rosen did not know that his time at the Arizona Cardinals was over until he was called minutes before the draft, and he embraces the misfortune after being sent to the Miami Dolphins for pennies Dollar. Rosen treated in 2019 for a year as an attempt to prove to the Dolphins that he could be their answer at quarterback.

"Very rarely do you get a second chance to make a first impression," Rosen said. "It felt like I was drafted twice."

Rosen made a strong first impression on his first appearance in Miami. He shied no questions. He talked about the emotions in which Arizona designed and dumped Kyler Murray in Miami. He defended himself against the criticism that he was a bad teammate and leader.

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"I think I'm a really good teammate. What I've tried is to say nothing or do nothing else of mine, and keep my head down, and at some point the story will be clearer," said Rosen. "I think that's what it's mostly for, time and consistency are the best medicine to cure the story."

Dolphins coach Brian Flores said Roses will have to "earn" the Dolphins' "starter quarterback" role for journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick, a contest that embraced Rosen: The 22-year-old believes he be there "on paper" as a backup.

So expect an open contest between Chosen Rosen and FitzMagic this summer, with Flores making the best choice man for the job.

Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier is expecting a newly motivated rose after everything was said and said about the quarterback last week.

"I do not think my chip needs to grow anymore, I could tip over," Rosen said laughing.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Chad O Shea and quarterback coach Jim Caldwell will try to maximize Rosen's abilities. Rosen, a top 1

0 selection last year, must bring a great success jump after completing last season with the worst passer rating of the NFL (66.7).

Rose's talent is still there, the potential is stimulating Miami and the opportunity is certainly plentiful

The Dolphins had not been a Pro Bowl quarterback since Dan Marino 23 years ago was the longest drought in the NFL. Rosen would be the twentieth quarterback to be founded for the Dolphins since Marino retired in 1999.

"I am aware of the situation," Rosen Schein said of his massive steps.

But Rosen's first move will not replace Marino, it will simply defeat Fitzpatrick, who will certainly not go down without a fight.

This is a chance for Rosen to prove the Cardinals and anyone who misjudged him, and in return he c This could be the Dolphins' big bet on the takeover of the year.

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