At the premiere of the new comedy series "SMILF," Rosie O & Donnell talks about film producer Harvey Weinstein: "Women have to get up and say, 'That's what happened to me in relation to that person'. October 10th)

The third time is the charm for Rosie O & Donnell.

On Monday, the 56-year-old actress People Magazine confirmed that she is engaged to Elizabeth Rooney, a 33-year-old police officer and army veteran, after a one-year marriage.

O & # 39; Donnell and Rooney went public in November 2017 as a couple and were in public for a long time. Long-distance relationship with O & # 39; Donnell lives in New York and Rooney in Boston.

Rooney is more than 20 years younger than O "Donnell, with O" Donnell admitting that sometimes fans confuse their new fiancée with their 20-year-old daughter Chelsea

"Many people say, & # 39; ; Oh my gosh, Chelsea looks so great & # 39; she said. "I'm like," That's no. "Chelsea." This is my soon-to-be wife. It is a bit difficult. At the airport, people say, "Rosie, can I have a photo of you and your daughter?" She does not seem to think that it is a problem. Nobody does that, but sometimes.

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O Donnell noted that Rooney is not affected by her age difference.

"I keep telling her that I'm too old for her, "she said, she's like," I was in the army! I put my life to the test everyday if you think I do not know who I'm going out with. "I'm like," Alright I think that's right. "She has many good points."

O & # 39; Donnell added that her wedding date is "a long time in the future".

O & # 39; Donnell was married twice already. She married Kelli Carpenter, but they separated in 2007. She was later married to Michelle Rounds from 2012 to 2015. Rounds died in 2017 on an apparent suicide.


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