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Rubio returns to the NYT reporter, who called him "smiling" at the Trump rally

At a Trump rally, do not let a Gray Lady reporter catch you smiling.

Sen. Marco Rubio struck a New York Times reporter after the author tweeted it was "very strange" to see Florida Senator "smiles and giggles" at the re-election of the President in Orlando on Tuesday night.

"BREAKING," Rubio mockingly tweeted in response to Michael Barbaro. "In an unprecedented move, a Republican senator participated in a rally in his home state to support the re-election of a Republican president." "As opposed to a smile and a smirk at a rally for a radical Liberal presidential candidate who will reverse the policy of confronting China, lower regulations and taxes, defend freedom in Venezuela, and protect the unborn child?" He asked rhetorically from Barbaro, when he wrote that after weeks of coverage in 201

5, the reporter revealed "that my wife has tickets, I have a fishing boat and my home has big windows."

The tensions between Rubio and Trump were in the mid-high of the Republican primary election in 2016, when Rubio Trump called the man with "the worst tan in America" ​​and joked with a gathering crowd that then-candidate Trump might have wet his pants and had small hands during a debate.

Trump called him "Little Marco," the senator said, "choked like a dog" during a debate and "could not be voted dog catcher" in Florida. Rubio dropped out of the race after losing his home state to Trump with double digits.

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