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Ruble stumbles because the US imposes new sanctions on Russia

Most economists have attributed a recession in Russia, which started in 2014 after the Russian annexation of Crimea and military intervention in eastern Ukraine, to falling global oil prices rather than western sanctions. The economy has since increased again.

Russia has $ 458 billion in gold and hard currency reserves that it could use to support the ruble, but the central bank drops that, and this week too. A policy helps domestic industry and agriculture.

Russia was subsequently sanctioned in several waves. The Obama administration imposed sanctions on Russia's actions in Ukraine and on interference in the 201

6 presidential election. The Trump administration in April sanctioned oligarchs and government officials for voting and other "malicious" activities, and this week because of the nervous attack in the UK ,

Russia has few economic means to avenge itself. Sergey N. Ryabukhin, a member of the House of Lords Upper House, suggested banning the sale of Russian engines for some American rockets, although the American space industry has other options.

In Moscow, some officials described the new sanctions on US domestic policy. They were imposed, the Russians said, as part of a struggle in the United States between Trump and his supporters, who wanted to engage with Russia, and a "deep state" of national security bureaucrats determined to worsen relations.

"This means more pressure on Russia and those US leaders seeking to move closer to Russia, with the aim of making things worse," said Aleksej V. Chepa, deputy chairman of Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee

Vladimir I. Batyuk, a United States scholar at the Russian Academy of Sciences, told the RIA news agency that "all the positive moments that have been noted after the meeting of the two Presidents in Helsinki. Everything will of course be perfectly balanced." [19659008]
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