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Rudy Giuliani stops his trip to Ukraine and accuses the Democrat of "spin"

WASHINGTON – Rudolph W. Giuliani announced on Friday evening that he had canceled a trip to Kiev in which he intended to press the new Ukrainian government to the press with investigations he hoped would benefit Mr. Trump ,

Mr. Giuliani, President Trump's personal lawyer, said he felt he was "founded" and blamed the Democrats for trying to "turn the clock".

"They say I was involved in the elections – ridiculous – but that's their turn," he said.

Mr Giuliani said on Thursday that he had hoped to be in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, to meet with the elected president of the country and to ask him to make inquiries that could provide new information on two issues of great interest to Mr. Trump One of the reasons is why the Special Representative is investigating Russia's interference in the 2016 elections the involvement of the son of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in a gas company belonging to a Ukrainian oligarch.

The trip made Mr. Trump feel like a lawyer urging a foreign government to investigate that the hope of his allies could help him win the reelection, and it comes after Trump spent more than half of his term d amit to see if his 2016 campaign is conspiring with Ukraine's hostile neighbor, Russia. Mr Giuliani had planned to leave on Sunday.

After the New York Times published a report on the trip on Thursday, the Democrats attacked Mr. Giuliani and accused him of activity that made him the focus of the Special Counselor's recently completed investigation.

"Giuliani admitted today that he had requested political help from a foreign power. Again " tweeted the MP Adam B. Schiff Democrats of California and chair of the House Intelligence Committee. He called the plan "immoral, unethical, unpatriotic and now standard procedure".

Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told reporters: "We've come to a very sad state." If it is considered OK for an American politician, it does not matter that a lawyer of the president is seeking a foreign intervention in American politics. "

On Friday night, Mr. Giuliani rejected this characterization and argued in a brief interview," My only purpose was to make sure the investigation continues.

The plan change occurred when consultants urged incoming Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian and political freshman, not to meet with Mr. Giuliani, a person familiar with the talks.

Mr. Giuliani had requested a meeting with Mr Zelensky about intermediaries, but it had not been confirmed. Zelensky is scheduled to take office on 3 June.

Investigations were opened by Ukrainian prosecutors during the current presidency of the country, Petro O. Poroshenko. He lost his re-election offer last month to Mr Zelensky, who announced that he would like to replace the country's top prosecutor, who has overseen some affairs.

Mr. Giuliani and other Trump allies had worked behind the scenes with the prosecutor to gather information about the investigation spoke in front of a Jewish group on Middle East policy.

On Friday, Giuliani said that this group "feels overlooked" by all investigations into its efforts to advance Trump's interests in Ukraine. He said they would postpone his speech for the fall.

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