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Rumor: Looks like the Xbox Game Pass might not switch

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In recent weeks, rumors of the possibility of Microsoft bringing the Xbox Game Pass for Nintendo Switch to the Internet and hounding fans with the idea of ​​playing Xbox games on Nintendo machines has been on the rise. Xbox head Phil Spencer has recently fueled the fire. Of course, a rumor is just that – just a rumor – and new murmurs indicate it may not be on the way.

Brad Sams, editor-in-chief of Petri and Thurrott's IT sites, has claimed this "multiple" sources have told him that the Game Pass does not come to Switch. Of course absolutely nothing was officially confirmed (we have a rumor that it will come, and now this information that this is not the case). We would therefore ask you to take everything you hear in this matter. The biggest shipload of salt you can find.

You can hear Sam about what he heard in the video below (from the 8-minute mark). If you want to read his comments instead, read the full quote below.

There has been much talk about Game Pass on the Switch. I hear from several sources that this does not happen. Let me qualify, that's definitely not the case in the short term. I can never say "never" because Microsoft wants to have Game Pass on TV, PC, Xbox, XCloud stuff everywhere, but from now on, several people hear that it does not come to the switch. Of course things can change and all that good stuff, but yes, do not expect Game Pass on the Switch so soon. At least that's what I hear.

Even if the Game Pass does not come to Switch, that does not mean that the alleged collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo will not take shape in the future. There are several ways that both companies can work together, but we can not know for sure what form the partnership will take when it actually comes into question.

What do you think? Are Xbox games coming to the switch? Is this all nonsense? Do you want it to happen someday? Tell us your thoughts below.

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