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Rumor: SNES games could change sooner than you think


Yesterday you may have introduced a few more NES games for your switch, but it seems that they were not the only things the Nintendo Switch online service has added to the update. [19659003] A few days ago data mining revealed a total of 22 SNES games listed in the code of the NES online app, and further browsing also revealed the possibility of adding new emulator types to the service at a later date , After yesterday's update and further data mining efforts, it was claimed that not only are the SNES games still intact, but they have also been updated with full descriptions in various languages.

Some of these descriptions have been shared by Twitter user @OtherEhm and, as you can see, the descriptions look similar to the descriptions for each game in the NES library. Interestingly, @OtherEhm states that Super Mario World is the only game that has received an English translation so far, while many different languages ​​can be found in other titles.

If applicable, these new findings suggest that the service at Nintendo's end may and may be slowly converging start much earlier than anyone would have expected. Of course, nothing is official yet, and it is impossible to know with certainty if a SNES collection is on the way or not. It certainly feels as if something is coming, but wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo before you get too excited.

We will definitely inform you if this magical moment actually happens, but let us know by then what you think in the comments below. Is it just a matter of time? Or do you think that it will never happen?

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