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Rumors of MLB Close: Noah Syndergaard Mets Stay; Astros is interested in Zack Wheeler, Matthew Boyd

We are only one day away from the MLB 2019 trading deadline. We have seen a few minor transactions ( you can track along with our Trade Tracker ), but Sunday brought the largest ever deal with the Mets, the right-handed Marcus Stroman of the Blue Jays Exchange for pitching prospects Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods-Richardson.

We will be here every day to discuss the latest news about the rumor mill. We also looked at the 50 Best Trade Candidates including the Top 10 Pitcher and Top 1

0 Hitter on the market. If you are interested in which perspectives could be a change of system before July 31 we have treated you here as well.

Where will some of the biggest names land on the trading block? Our experts at Sportsline have a chance for whom Noah Syndergaard, Trevor Bauer and others will be playing on August 1st.

Here are the latest trading rumors as the deadline for July 31 approaches:

Syndergaard may remain at Mets

Jeff Passan of ESPN reports that Mets right-handed Noah Syndergaard may stay with the Mets as many teams do not conduct any trade talks for the Ace because of high demand. Here's Passan with more:

While the market for Mets starter Noah Syndergaard should theoretically be busy, some teams that need an arm either shy away from the price, handlers or not believe they have the necessary talent, To meet Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenens desired return to the Padres, Astros, Yankees, Athletics and Twins.

Syndergaard will compete against the White Sox in Chicago for the Mets on Tuesday night. The organization raised its eyebrows and scratched Ervin Santana from his Triple A start on Tuesday. However, Rosenthal reported that it was unclear whether Santana's scratch had anything to do with Syndergaard and the Mets MLB rotation plans.

The 26-year-old Syndergaard is only a freelance agent after the 2021 season. Although he has not made the best numbers this season, he still has dominating skills, and if he is put into the right position with a competing team, he could certainly help a team with a playoff run.

Interest in Bauer Rises

] According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic Indian starter Trevor Bauer is more interested in the approaching close of trading. Rosenthal adds that the Indians are still undecided as to whether they want to trade their right-handers in the middle of a pennant race:

The Indians could only justify moving Bauer if the return did not dramatically reduce their chances to their fourth title in Follow AL Central to win. Perhaps the team could do it by adding an outfielder and Major League Ready starters to help them in the short and long term. However, competitors claim that Indians routinely set a high threshold in trade talks and rarely deviate even under the pressure of a deadline.

Jon Heyman of MLB Network reports more about Bauer:

Farmer, 28, will be a free agent after next season.

Astros strives for Wheeler

The Houston Astros are working hard to acquire Mets right-handed Zack Wheeler, but a deal does not seem to be tight, reports The Athletic is Ken Rosenthal. The Athletics, Rays and Braves have also shown interest in Wheeler, adds Rosenthal. The 29-year-old Wheeler will leave for a free agency at the end of this season. Here is more of Rosenthal:

The purchase of a rental car like Wheeler has the advantage that the initial cost is lower. The Astros' farm system ranks seventh in the majors, according to Baseball America, but some of its top pitching prospects suffered injuries and / or declines this season, reducing the influence of General Manager Jeff Luhnow on the trade.

There have been reports of the Mets are interested in Wheeler's expansion but nothing has come of it yet. Wheeler recovered with shoulder fatigue after a stint on the Injured List with a solid start on Friday against the Pirates.

Astros remain interested in Boyd.

Also staying with the Astros after Wheeler, they remain interested in Tiger's left Matthew Boyd, according to Jon Morosi of MLB.com. Morosi notes, however, that Detroit has asked in previous talks for Houston's first prospective outfield player Kyle Tucker. The Astros were reportedly reluctant to trade Tucker.

Boyd, 28, is under team control until 2022. He earns $ 2.6 million this season and has three more years of arbitration.

Demand for Diaz at Mets Is High

Demand for Edwin Diaz at Mets is high, but according to Jeff Passan from ESPN, many MLB managers think demand is appropriate. However, many do not believe that the Mets will fully recover the potential value they had originally given up to acquire Diaz from the Mariners last season. Here's Passan with more:

Despite his struggles this season, a number of Boy Scouts who have seen Diaz in recent weeks believe that the raw ability that has led him to an outstanding 2018 season is maintained and that he The price of the 2019 trade could be deadline. … It is unreasonable to think that they can make up for the total potential value lost through the deal. A good part of it? This is realistic, according to executives.

Buster Olney of ESPN adds that the Rays have carried out background work on Diaz, which could be short-term for the team this season and next season. Ken Rosenthal of the Athletic reports that the Dodgers, Red Sox, Rays, Braves and Padres are among the teams that are showing interest in Diaz, although the Red Sox may be interested in helping lower-price aides. According to Mark Feinsand of MLB.com, Boston is unlikely to be for Diaz, Tigers & # 39; Shane Greene or the Reds & # 39; Raisel Iglesias is traded. Rosenthal reports that Boston focuses on smaller names for Bullpen Help. Speaking of …

Dodgers remain engaged to Vazquez

The Dodgers and Pirates still conduct trade talks over the reliever Felipe Vazquez, but Pittsburgh's high price delays any chance of a deal until Wednesday. Here's Ken Rosenthal from The Athletic with more:

Despite rumors about Vázquez's pirate trade, the team says it has little appetite for actually taking such a move.

The club officials' view, the collapse of the team and last place in the NL headquarters is partly due to injuries at various points, including starters Jameson Taillon and Trevor Williams, catcher Francisco Cervelli and right-back Gregory Polanco. Other clubs do not share the same view, believing that the pirates are essentially fooling themselves and should move Vázquez in a time when his value is increasing.

MLB Network's Jon Morosi adds The Dodgers likely to do so After talking with Shane Greene, Tigers' replacement, Vazquez, 28, 2020, and 2021 will together earn $ 12.5 million and received $ 10 million in club options in 2022 and 2023.

] Red Wines Sell, Roark Expected to Trade

Cincinnati Red Wines (49-55) will be sold at this year's close. The team is 6 1/2 games behind the Cubs, Cardinals and Brewers in the National League Central and they have fallen behind because they have a potential NL wildcard spot. ESPN's Jeff Passan reports that pitcher Tanner Roark is a Reds trading chip expected to be handed out before Wednesday. 32-year-old Roark is expected to make his free choice after this season. He is currently earning $ 10 million for the 2019 season.

Passan adds that Raisel Iglesias also arouses interest, and the opposing clubs believe he will switch. Iglesias is contracted for two more seasons after 2019. The Reds may also send starter Alex Wood to another team, but according to Passan, the Reds are likely to swap just one of their starters (Roark or Wood). If the Reds do not find a suitable bid by the deadline, Passan reports that Wood may be a candidate for a winter qualifier.

Giles' elbow problems affect his trade value.

Blue Jays is closer to Ken Giles fights elbow inflammation and Jeff Passan of ESPN reports that the injury severely limits his trading value. The likelihood has grown that Giles will stay with Toronto until the winter.

Giles was unavailable on Monday for the second game in a row because of elbow inflammation. It is unclear whether Giles will be available on Tuesday. Passan adds that Toronto continues to pursue potential deals for right-hander Daniel Hudson, who will be a free agent this off-season. 28-year-old Giles currently earns $ 6.3 million this season.

Mariners could bargain with Leake

Jon Morosi of MLB Network reported that there's a 50/50 chance Seattle pitches Mike Leake ahead of his scheduled start business Tuesday against the Rangers , The Mariners are in full recovery mode, and it's a pitching-hungry market. Therefore, it could turn out that the 31-year-old right-hander will move until Wednesday.

Leake is 2-1 with 2,59 ERA starts on July 4, including a 5: 3 win against the Rangers last Wednesday, where he completed seven innings and three runs with nine runs without running and seven strikeouts allowed.

Leake will earn about $ 19 million over the next two seasons. Leake has another $ 4 million left this season for his $ 16 million salary and will owe US ​​$ 15 million next season to his former team, the Cardinals, who will receive $ 4 million by 2020. Has collected dollars. For an option in 2021, there is also a buyout of $ 5 million. He has a complete no-trade clause, but has stated that he would forego the right situation.

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