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Runaway space station goes towards the earth

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CO witnessed the descent of the space station

SUNRIVER, Ore. – Experts predict that a rogue Chinese space station will plummet to Earth within days, and reports show Oregon might be on its way to the rest of the planet.

The space station was launched in 2011 and was intended to end her career by being directed into a fiery descent across the Pacific Ocean. But at the beginning of 2016, it is believed that China lost both the communication and the control of the laboratory. Experts predict now that the coarse bus-sized ship will penetrate into the Earth's atmosphere between today and April 2.

Southern Oregon lies within the path from which experts say it might fall. But the "possible impact zone" covers almost two-thirds of the earth's surface.

Bob Grossfeld, manager of the Oregon Observatory in Sunriver, said Wednesday we could see re-entry, but it's not easy to see the sky exhibition.

"That's the tricky part, because the timing is really difficult, and they're getting closer and closer to their predictions, but there's no really precise way to tell when it's going to hit," Grossfeld said Achieved in the upper part of the atmosphere, it will break apart, and we should be able to see it, if we look at the right time. "

Grossfeld said that most of the ship will burn in the atmosphere and it persists hardly a chance that any of it falls to the ground. There's even less chance a person will be hit – just one in a trillion, according to the non-profit Aerospace Corporation.

Grossfeld said that if it enters the atmosphere in our line of sight and the conditions are good, we will make it. You can see it with the naked eye, but that is not guaranteed.

"It might fall through during the day and we could see it, but more likely only in the evening, so we have more chances to see it visually than during the daytime, the time of day is much more difficult," he said.

If the conditions are right, there could be a good show. "I hate using the term" hooting star "because it's just junk that burns in the atmosphere, but more like a fireball. What's interesting to see is when it's in line If it does not come from an angle (in this case), we will see a shadow rather than it will burn bright enough to cast a shadow, "he said.

Grossfeld said this event was unusual because it was a space station, but satellites and rocket litter often burn in the atmosphere. Experts agree on when and where the ship is The prediction gets closer as it gets closer. As of Wednesday, they prefer April 1st as the big day.

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