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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Winner: Aquaria Interview

Each hole is a target, and the final winner of RuPaul's Drag Race used her powerful charisma, uniqueness, nerves and talent to fill the biggest void of her life after completing Season 10 had crown Thursday night. After a spectacular double victory in the final three finalists Eureka and Kameron Michaels, the 22-year-old New York City Queen Aquaria became the youngest winner in the Drag Race era with charming wittiness aptifying her signature sensibility and (literally) pyrotechnic flair. On the morning after her victory, EW caught up with the reigning king to discuss all that emerged at the beginning of the Age of Aquaria. Continue reading for the full conversation.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Hello Aquaria! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!
Helloooooo! I did it! Winner winner, chicken dinner! I am so [unintelligible].

I'm sorry, you're breaking up a bit. You are something?
I might have won $ 100,000, but I still have a sprint. So it will be difficult.

I do too, we have a double problem.
Well, we both get dressed!

So, it's the morning after. What are you feeling right now?
I feel great! I just woke up, I ate some sushi from the market and kept it humble. Where I live, there are not many people who congratulate me on being on the show, but just on the road home, everyone congratulated me to victory! Well, I think more people have cables here than I expected.

I mean, girl, you said it: every hole is a destination, and it has to feel like you've conquered the biggest hole of all on the street.
There was a big, gaping hole in my life, and now I can just enjoy the love of all, which is very nice compared to what I'm used to.

You (19659005) I went into the season and said I should win, and the whole season was just a fight for me to convince the producers that I should win.

So you were not really surprised?
I was definitely surprised that I won. I know that I had to overcome a lot of things to get to that point, and seeing myself was definitely a very shocking moment for me. I've seen that something great happened because I did well and how well I made it on the night of the final, but sometimes statistics in Drag Race do not matter, and sometimes other things get up the game a completely empty list for what could happen. I know, I did it as much as possible … and watching it was surreal.

Have you heard of your slimy mother, [season 4 winner] Sharon Needles?
She may have texted me, but I literally I have not phoned yet. I literally woke up and bought sushi. But that's it.

Like a queen does: some market sushi picks up … just another day in a king's life.
Only stay modest! [Laughs]

Miz Cracker told me that you once told her that you have so many faces that you're a bullet.
That's what I said, yes!

So I'm wondering face you showed during the finale, and which you hope people will see as the reigning queen next year?
At the final, I was speechless all evening. I do not think I really knew how to deal with my feelings. Not that I did not negotiate with them publicly, there were just so many emotions. For me, I was speechless at the time. But now I know that a dark lip looks good – especially when I'm smiling. So, smile all the way! I could not be happier. That's obviously all I wanted in the competition, and I finally put it in the limelight. Nobody will go further than I did. It's just a whole lot of smiles!

What are you hoping for with the crown? Do you think that you have a responsibility to influence change, and what kinds of changes within the community are realistically possible while you have this platform?
I think we've seen for a few seasons that substantial changes are not necessarily totally possible given a one-year rule. I think that changes must come from the people who need to make changes you know? I can only continue to amplify the voices of others and try to convey the current message. That's the best I can do.

When Sasha Velor won, she told me that she sees pulling as a form of activism and that she intends to use resistance as a tool of resistance. Do you feel the same in today's political situation that it's a political or social tool – especially for the young people you're really connected to in terms of your established fan base this season?
Drag has always been very political and challenged social norms and other aspects of life. And I definitely agree with that. Sometimes my resistance is not as political as that of other people, but I think that I come from a perspective that makes me so used to it. Sometimes I forget that my vision of the world is not someone else's. I'm not like, "Woah, I'm political!" I'm more of someone who does that and does not necessarily say so.

What do you think is the ideal world in which resistance can exist because, of course, we are not in a room where it is accepted by all?
The world we live in today tries to keep us going every day. There are many times where we lose confidence in our country and ourselves, and I think drag is definitely a form of entertainment and a form of hope that tells us we need a better future to hope.

One of my friends, Evan Ross Katz at Mic, just wrote something very sweet about you on Facebook that caught my eye: "Aquaria wants to understand others before she understands herself." What do you mean, what he means?
Aw! I think that's definitely right. As many queer people have experienced, there are times when people in school do not understand us or people in society do not understand us, so I feel like grown up [that way] I'm just used to not being understood , I understand that this is just the life that I live. I know that there are so many other perspectives, perspectives and things that I can learn, and I know that this is more important than what I have to say or what kind of message I have to convey. I definitely understand the weight of more marginalized people, and that's why I tend to understand others rather than worry about being understood myself. If I understand that, it is something that is much tastier in some areas of society than other people. I'm just a skinny white girl, and that's easy for the people. But that gives me the second to listen to the voices of others.

Do you think that's why you might have been considered the "bright white queen"? "The squad, to the point that some of your Season 10 sisters said they wanted to" win all the blacks and aquariums "?
I definitely did not wake up only on Drag Race but there it was definitely for the spectators a socket to be present. So, in this "all black and aquariums" category, it was very useful because it was made by a lot of the girls I respect from the show and it made me feel and knowing, whatever is perceived about me in the past is really the past perception that was untrue, it was nice and affirming to know that people did not think I was as corrupt as they could have supposed. [19659006] They are the latest winner of RuPaul's Drag Race – and probably the first winner was born in a drag world that was already influenced by Drag Race de m, what you started in the medium, first and foremost?
Sure. I had many points of reference that I could pull over RuPaul's Drag Race but it was something that was so influential in the media in my early teens. From the second I saw it, I referred to it … it came to me as the Super Bowl of Drag. And I think that's what it's going to do now. As a drag performer, I knew that this platform was the most effective way to publish my name.

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