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Rush Limbaugh: The media does not want Biden to be the Democratic candidate

Was former Vice President Joe Biden abandoned by the media?

According to Rush Limbaugh, moderator of the Conservative radio program, this could be the case as the leader of the Democrats did not deliver to President Trump and "gutted" him. [19659003] "Biden did not gut Trump, in other words, CNN's expectations were so high that [Biden] could not meet them, so they had to ignore them," Limbaugh said on Wednesday's radio broadcast.

CNN's "New Day" previewed Biden's speech on Tuesday and featured a Chyron who predicted that he would "gut" President Trump.

Trump and Biden competed against each other on Tuesday and the president called Biden a "dummy" and "mentally weak". Meanwhile, Biden Trump called an "existential threat to America."

Limbaugh claimed that the media is not willing to fully support Biden, as he believes they did with Hillary Clinton before, because they do not really want him to be the nominee.

"It tells you that the media does not even want to [Biden]. They offer no support to Joe Biden today ̵

1; if Hillary Clinton had done what Biden had done yesterday in 2016, Hillary Clinton would only be glowing today supported, "said Limbaugh.

As a result, the conservative radio host said he does not believe the former vice president will do so as to emerge victorious from the crowded field of Democrats.


"I'm just giving you a heads-up here, that [Biden] will not last, and that's what it tells me yesterday. And it was not just CNN, "Limbaugh said.

The radio host also believes that Biden's lack of "passion" is his drawback.

"Yesterday, he was not there, he did not live up to expectations, he did not" gut "Trump, he did not even raise his voice, he did not get so passionate, people do not want that," gut "Trump want to do it better, "said Limbaugh.

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