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Russell Westbrook shows "Rocking the Baby" party often in Oklahoma City Thunder's defeat of LA Clippers

OKLAHOMA CITY – Russell Westbrook lined up on the left and appreciated Patrick Beverley. With a heavy swing over his head he moved the ball to the left and exploded with two dribbles on the edge. He blew past Beverley and laid the ball gently from the back wall.

When the ball hit him again, Westbrook rocked his arms, rocking her back and forth, rocking the proverbial baby. It's a new festive move he's pulled a few times this year, beating him earlier in the game after he even met Avery Bradley. This time, with the defender adding Beverley, Westbrook added a little, and in the end there was even a good kiss.

"Yes, you have little kids, you have little babies," you sleep, "Westbrook said. "That's what happens, little guards, you have to rock them."



Russell Westbrook shakes off Patrick Beverley to end on the edge and celebrates with a 'Rockabye Baby' movement. 19659007] Westbrook is a seasoned rocker with a 17-month-old son and two twin girls traveling this fall. He put the Clippers to bed when the thunder had overcome a 13-point halftime deficit and set the tone in the third quarter. The Thunder used hyper-energetic defensive and transitional offenses and came out of the locker room in a 20-0 run that turned into a 39:10 and a 74:43 second half on the road to 128: 110 victory.

"He's the engine, he's the leader and he gets us going," Paul George said. "You see how he does it, and our job is to support him, that's all, we see him changing that level and moving to another level, our job is to do that."

Westbrook steadily attacked the Clippers and in the paint resisted mid-range pull-ups and 3-units in favor of drives on the rim. He finished the shooting with 13 of 25 points with 32 points plus four rebounds and nine assists.

"Every time I have small guards, every time the point-keeper guards their position," he said, I'll punish them. "

After a 4-0 start, the Thunder came on Sunday against the Suns, a likely team on the lottery team that misses its biggest star in Devin Booker, and the match against the quality clips was a straightforward test. and after a choppy first half with a lot of whistling and a bunch of free throws, the Thunder faced another flat, disturbing result.

Everything changed in the third quarter and still is. In the beginning there was a feeling in the locker room after the game that the thunder released a little, they shot the ball unhappy in their four losses – two without Westbrook – and had ke advantage. Westbrook, who had missed the entire training camp after knee surgery in September, still shook off some rust, and George did not play to his expected superstar level.

But the second half against the Clippers looked like the thunder wants to be. Westbrook does everything that makes the thunder emotional, George fills the efficiency gaps with quiet, even score, the defensive swarms and creates running opportunities. George started slowly on Tuesday night, but when Westbrook revised his engine, George was brought to life with 22 of his 32 in the second half.

The Thunder spent the offseason to optimize the squad, with an important subtraction and additional buttons as well as a fine-tuning attempt to determine the identity that dictates Westbrook, and the one coach Billy Donovan prefers. They want to play with speed and speed, make quick decisions and relentlessly attack the defense. It's not that the game is the formula on Tuesday, but it's an insight into the logic.

"I'm not saying it's sustainable to keep a team at 10 points per quarter, but you have to play," said Donovan. "That's what it takes."

Emotions flooded in the fourth quarter as Beverley whistled for a loose ball and crashed into Westbrook's knee, triggering double technical hits after a Beverley review. There is a long, well-known story between them and Westbrook made the Rock a Baby party break out after meeting him. Beverley mimicked it back in Westbrook's direction after hitting Dennis Schroder at about which was about as good as one might have expected.

Westbrook came to bench with three minutes to go and the Thunder on 20 with a smug grin and a satisfied nod – the baby was down and it was time to rest.

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