The front lobe in the Galaxy S10 hole punch might be a stain for some, but it only took two minutes. Soon, creative users made wallpapers that matched the cutout perfectly, and then built a subreddit for them, and Samsung made fun of it in an official way. However, if wallpapers are not your thing or you want to hide this camera in other apps, there's a different approach now. Energy Ring, a new app, brings the battery indicator directly to the camera opening and lets you almost forget.

The app is from IJP a developer who has experience creating custom battery gadgets for Android such as Energy Bar and its curved equivalent for S8, S9, S1

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With Energy Ring you can customize everything around the battery circuit: color, power, direction and even different colors for each 25% step. With a setting, you can disable the ad in full-screen apps so you will not be able to see them when watching videos or playing games.

The app is currently optimized for the Galaxy S10 and S10e, but support for the S10 + and its larger dual front-cam module is in the works.

The developer quickly points out that while the app requires notification access, it only uses it to do its thing, and the app's own battery drain is minimal. If you answer your doubts, you can get the Energy Ring for free from the Play Store. With some IAPs you can unlock the more specific customizations of the app.