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Sabers – Botterill has talked to teams about a striker

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) – Jason Botterill returned from Toronto a few hours before the start of the Tuesday game. The pressure on the Sabers GM increases as losses and injuries pile up. The fans are demanding a trade to move forward. Botterill said, "We just had our GM meetings today. It is certainly a situation where we are actively trying to improve our team and find a striker to help our group. But we are also pleased with how our players came from Rochester and played so far. "

Historically, no major deals were made in the NHL in November this month. That does not mean that it is impossible. Botterill said, "It's always difficult to talk to different teams, and looking at the salary cap, other teams have injuries, and the other element is that we finally get well in defense, but that's imperative Keeping our depth of defense and using it this year so we know in 82 games that we will need it here again. That does not mean that Botterill will definitely not do it. Swapping a Defender. He said, "We want to make sure we understand that we have some defense defenses here, and we want to make sure we have those Have skills. So these are the things we're still testing if there's a mix in another team where we can expand our group, and if we want to get something out of our defense, we need to make sure we help our team. "

I think it's important that we remember that there are nine defenders against Buffalo and three in Rocheste In Lawrence Pilut, Will Borgen and Casey Nelson, who are quite capable of playing in the NHL, in my opinion they have 1

2 NHL defender season. The manager said: "I would say we have to prove that this is not the case and I think the mood we have in our locker room and the confidence we have there, especially at the beginning of this month.

"We had games against Washington, the Islanders and Tampa Bay and these are teams that have been at the top of the league in recent years, and that's where we want to go, and unfortunately we're not there yet.

The reality of Saber trading for players is that it's about money. Botterill agreed, "Yes, because at some point we have to be cap-compliant and we understand that these players are coming back and we do not want to get into a situation where we need to make a move."

Buffalo allowed to get another defender back in Zach Bogosian. Buffalo plays in Boston on Thursday, Florida on Sunday and Tampa Bay on Monday. Botterill believes Bogosian could make his long-awaited return by then. "We're optimistic that he'll be able to play on the road sometime, and I think Zach has done an awful lot of work after the injury and I think he'll give our team a big boost."

I saw Kyle Okposo on It was good to see that he was at least here in the arena on Tuesday morning, Botterill said, of course he was worried about Okposo the man. "There are a lot of concerns and it's just that it is Kyle. You appreciate and respect what he brings to our team, the leader who is in our locker room and the man he is.

"You do not want anyone to have a concussion, and the focus is on making sure Kyle is okay and getting well again.

With enough players injured, Dylan Cozens could have been recalled from junior in an emergency. Botterill said that this will not be considered. "From Dylan's point of view, we're excited about him as a player and his development, but he's not on the radar in this situation." His goal now is to help Lethbridge and find a way into the World Junior Team. "

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