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Sackler Family: 500 Towns, Counties and Tribes Sue Owners of Oxycontin Maker | US news

A group of more than 500 cities, counties and Indian tribes in the United States has filed a massive lawsuit in which they accused members of the Sackler family who own the opioid painkiller OxyContin of having helped in the worst drug crisis in the United States American history.

The lawsuit represents communities in 26 states and eight tribes and accuses Sackler's family members of knowingly breaking laws to enrich themselves with billions of dollars while hundreds of thousands of Americans died

"Eight people in a family make the decisions which caused much of the opioid epidemic, "the lawsuit filed earlier this week in federal district court in southern New York states.

The same eight members of the family have recently been joined in a series of lawsuits against a number of opioid manufacturers, including Connecticut-based drug maker Sacklers, which is completely owned by Sackler's Purdue Pharma, but they have not yet been identified as individuals sued on such a scale.

"This nation faces an unprecedented opioid addiction epidemic initiated by the Sackler defendants for their own financial gain and immortalized by the plaintiff and its residents. The Sackler accused include Richard Sackler, Beverly Sackler, David Sackler, Ilene Sackler Lefcourt, Jonathan Sackler, Kathe Sackler, Mortimer DA Sackler, and Theresa Sackler. "The eight are the most advanced court."

Members of a family that has long been known for their philanthropy, as well as famous art and educational institutions, including the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums in New York, which have recently been subjected to heavy protests against taking money from Sackler , Other institutions include Columbia, Yale, MIT, Tufts and other US universities, and in the UK the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Serpentine Gallery, Glasgow University and other destinations.

Earlier this week, the UK's National Portrait Gallery decided not to take the offer of a £ 1 million Sackler family grant and in the US, Columbia University and the University of Washington have both Sackler donations have announced that they will not accept gifts from the family now.

Court documents accuse the eight family members of purposely downplaying the dangers of the prescription painkiller OxyContin, which is stronger than heroin or morphine. They are accused of deceiving physicians and patients and of running sales and marketing techniques that have led to tremendous prescription and ever-increasing doses for many patients who were never supposed to prescribe the pills.

continue to cause the public health epidemic … deaths, serious injuries and a serious disruption of public peace, which has caused order and security, it is ongoing and causes permanent and permanent damage, "it says in the court documents.

Many The allegations have already been published in a lawsuit calling the same eight family members in Massachusetts. They are contained in court documents of the multi-jurisdictional procedure conducted in federal court in Cleveland, Ohio, which was advanced against Purdue and Washington by other companies, though not members of the Sackler family, of more than 1,200 towns and counties.

The family and Purdue deny misconduct.

mplaint is part of an ongoing effort to separate Purdue from an emergency agreement, hold it responsible for the entire opioid crisis in the United States, and try the case before the court of public opinion rather than the judicial system. Robert Josephson A spokesman for Purdue said in an email to the Bloomberg news agency.

"These baseless accusations blame where they are not part of a complex public health crisis and we deny them," they said Family Mortimer and Raymond Sackler in a statement They also found that OxyContin's revenue "represents a tiny fraction of the opioid market."

The lawsuit filed in New York on March 18 is exceptional, as it relates almost exclusively to

Richard and Jonathan Sackler are sons of the late Raymond Sackler, one of the founding brothers of Purdue Beverly is Robert's widow and his grandson David.

Ilene, Kathe, and Mortimer David Alfons are children of the late Mortimer Sackler, one of the founding brothers of Purdue, and Theresa is his widow.

The lawsuit relates to family trust since s is associated with Raymond Sackler's family business and Rhodes Pharmaceuticals, a company owned by Sacklers, which manufactures generic opioid analgesics.

Other cases focus mainly on Purdue and other well-known pharmaceutical ligands involved in opioid production. like Johnson & Johnson and Allergan.

The lawsuit in the southern district of New York has been brought forward by city and district authorities across America, including 42 counties and cities in Alabama, 31 counties in California, 21 counties and counties in Florida, 28 counties in Illinois, 51 cities and Counties in Kentucky, more than 100 cities and towns in Massachusetts and dozens of cities and counties in other countries such as Wisconsin, Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Indiana and Michigan.

The eight Indian tribes the Sacklers sue include parts of the Cherokee, Chippewa and Sioux, the Oneida Nation, and The Blackfeet.

More than 72,000 people die of drugs annually in the US, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 49,000 of them are caused by opioids.

Purdues business has attracted a company wave of lawsuits for deceiving the safety of OxyContin, which the company had misclassified in a 2007 criminal case.

Purdue has not ruled out filing for bankruptcy, which would lead to an interruption of civil cases, but also points out that there may be lack of funding for a massive settlement or a fine in the lawsuit against the company needed to compensate the communities for the costs of the crisis.

But a Victory In the recent lawsuit against the Sacklers, Oryy would have access to Sackler's personal fortune.

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