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Saints are structuring Bree's contract to open the cap

The New Orleans Saints opened up some space.

Tom NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports that the Saints restructured the Drew Brees contract to release $ 10.8 million in salaries.

Bree will still receive $ 23 million in cash that will be due in 2019, but the simple restructuring will push the cap until 2020 and create room for it to be used now.

Before the contract maneuver, the Saints had only 4.987 million US dollars to cover. New Orleans needs a place to re-sign quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, pursue Jared Cook and visit Rush Ziggy Ansah.

When Brees enters its 40-year season, New Orleans Brass is trying to improve the squad to make another Super Bowl run. For this they need scope.

In general, simple restructurings like these do not even reach the status of a legitimate message. NFL teams are constantly doing it to provide cap flexibility while shooting the can down.

What makes Bree's situation interesting is the fact that is enormously able to "kick" for the saints.

Bree's current contract, which he signed last year, included a year in which it is vain that he signed his bonus amount on the two-year agreement. With the restructuring, the Saints will stare at over $ 20 million in quarterback without even being under contract. If Brees decides to play another game, the team has to use more creative accounting to make the numbers work again next year.

As always, the bill will be due. The saints will be worried about another day. At the moment they are trying to build the best possible team to hunt the second Lombardi Trophy.

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