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Saints Mailbag: Breaking the Future of Teddy Bridgewater in New Orleans

If you're tired of reading about Teddy Bridgewater this week, you've come to the wrong place.

When the New Orleans Saints traded to Bridgewater in August, fans wanted to know if it would be the long-term replacement for Drew Brees. With Bridgewater starting on Sunday (December 30) against the Panthers, these questions are back.

Let us now deal with that.

This was the most popular question of the week, and it makes sense because Bridgewater is interested in making his first start in nearly three years.

The realistic options are for the saints to re-sign him or leave him at will. That's it.

One person asked about the franchise day, but that's not realistic. $ 23 million was spent on quarterbacks last year. That's a ridiculous price.

It's hard to say how much Bridgewater would achieve on the open market. The Jets gave Bridgewater a $ 6 million deal in 201

8 before trading it for the third round of the 2019 round against the Saints. Based on how he played in the preseason, I certainly think he will do more in this off-season, and if he succeeds on Sunday, his earning potential could rise even further.

Let's assume that a team is ready to pay him $ 10 million next year – maybe more, maybe less. I do not see how the saints could pay while they're still paying Drew Brees and other big stores nearby. If Brees retires, that would completely change the equation, but Brees says he wants to keep playing.

If Bridgewater does not have a very limited market, I assume the saints will have a prize.

Some people will understandably wonder why the Saints would give up a third round for Bridgewater if they did not keep him in the long run, but I think the Saints took the step because they needed an experienced support in a team effort legitimate Super Bowl odds, much like the Eagles who helped Nick Foles with Carson Wentz last year.

Meanwhile, it's probably in the best interest of the Saints to have a quarterback on a rookie deal after Bree's departure. They'll have to pay so many other people – including Michael Thomas, Sheldon Rankins, Marshon Lattimore, Alvin Kamara and Ryan Ramczyk – that they'd rather hope for a cheap quarterback like the Seahawks Russell Wilson or the Eagles with Wentz than these teams do won last Super Bowls.

"It's your birthday": How the Saints' talkative Teddy Bridgewater improved his team

I remember some people immediately said the Saints would get a balance in the third round when Bridgewater leaves what they did, but that's all other than guaranteed. For one, Comp Picks will be rewarded the following year. If Bridgewater signs elsewhere, the Saints would not make a choice by 2020.

The NFL uses a complex formula to determine comp picks. It takes into account what each team has won and lost in the free agency. If a team has more than lost, it will receive one or more comp-picks. The formula looks at contracts and playing time for the players won or lost.

Two years ago, for example, the Dolphins received three picks after losing five free agents and adding only two. One of the players who lost them was the defensive end of Olivier Vernon. Signing a five-year, $ 85 million deal with the Giants in 2016, the Dolphins 2017 got the best compensation decision in the third round.

If the Saints are compensated for Bridgewater, he would have to sign a new deal – the bigger the better the Saints (and of course him) – and he has to play for his next team. In the meantime, the saints would have to avoid adding free agents who would refuse Bridgewater or any other free agents they lose.

In addition to the Dolphins and Vernon, the teams that had a third round in 2017 were the Panthers. Ravens, Rams, Broncos, Seahawks (two), Browns, Chiefs, Steelers and Jets.

Here are some of the best guys who left in 2016 to give the teams the third round of 2017, which is the highest available:

  • Josh Norman left the Panthers and signed a $ 75 million deal
  • Kelechi Osemele left the Ravens and signed a $ 58.5-million deal
  • Janoris Jenkins left the Rams and signed a $ 62.5-million purchase price
  • the Broncos and signed an 85, 5 million dollar deal
  • Alex Mack left the Browns and signed a $ 45 million deal.

The Seahawks, Chiefs, Steelers and Jets had a combination of several guys leaving for medium-sized jobs and the teams handed over their selections in the third round in 2017. [BridgewaterwilllikelynotbreakthebanksothattheSaintswillhavetoloseseveralguysorhopeforarelativelylightmarketforfreeagentsthroughouttheleaguetowinathirdroundofequalizationinroundsfourtosevenby2020butthatstilldependsonBridgewater'scontractandthePlaytimecomparedtootherfreeagents

The Saints have not received a Comp-Pick since 2011. They have only had three since Mickey Loomis. In 2002, he took over the position of Director-General. Only two of them came from the Free Agency formula, because one of them came to the NFL in the seventh round complementary picks for the five worst teams in 2005, to fill the prescribed number of Drafts slot machine in the year 2006.

The Saints could end their comp-pick series in 2020 when Bridgewater and, say, Mark Ingram go, but I do not think anyone should expect a third round based on their likely salary and the Saints & # 39; History of spending outdoors age ncy.

What is D-Led? I'm looking forward to the question from my colleague at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and that's actually a somewhat complex answer.

The NFC team will be in the Falcons locker room at the Super Bowl on February 3. I believe the Saints will do their best to destroy the Falcons' locker room, but if they win the game, it could get messy there ,

I was in the Eagles locker room after winning the Super Bowl last season, and you sprayed a lot of champagne. I expect the saints to do the same. The NFL can afford to send a cleaning crew there.

No, but it's been a while. The last team to win a Super Bowl in an opposing stadium of the Divisions were the Rams after the 1999 season when they won in Atlanta. The Rams and Falcons were both in NFC West this year.

In praise of Cam Jordan, elite ironman of the New Orleans Saints

The Saints did not play the Rams or Bears in the division round, giving the Cowboys, Seahawks, Vikings and Eagles a choice. The Vikings (8-6-1) and the Eagles (8-7) are fighting for the last place in the wildcard.

I think the Seahawks are the best matchup for the saints. The defense of Seattle is not nearly as good as in the past few years, and I think the Saints' defense would be good against the Seahawks offense, especially how well the Saints defended the run.

I still think the Cowboys would be the worst matchup for the Saints Obviously, Dallas has already proven that it can beat New Orleans, but I think the Cowboys Defense Schedules would give headaches to the Saints' coaches , One reason the Saints assassination is so effective is the fact that the group thrives on short and medium passes, and these are the games that bother the Cowboys linebackers, which is one reason why Dallas won the first matchup.

As I said at week 13 of the game, I think the Saints defense games are going to be really good against Dallas, so I still expect the Saints to win and avenge the loss. However, it would probably be a close game.

I also think the Vikings would be a tough matchup. If Adam Thielen were not delayed in the second quarter of the 8th week match, this game could be very different.

I absolutely believe that the saints can win their game. They have won their last three games, including the last against a high-performance Steelers team that has played great in the game.

I understand why some people are worried about the offense or why others believe the defense is not the case. It's as good as the recent achievements, but I still think the Saints are the best NFL team.

According to Spotrac, the Saints have $ 15.3 million in the 2019 cap with a planned cap of $ 189 million. According to Over the Cap, the Saints 2019 have a cap of $ 18.5 million with a planned cap of $ 190 million.

Apart from the differences in the projected ceiling, I'm not sure what the gap between the two sites is. What I know is that the Saints will be among the best in the league in terms of cap-space, as there will only be four teams with less cap-space in 2019 at both locations.

The Saints could make more room with roster relocations or contract restructuring, but it will be hard for them to spend a lot of money, especially when Michael Thomas enters the last year of his deal. Sheldon Rankins and a few guys from the 2017 rookie class will soon also get big orders.

I think the tight end will be the most pressing need in the free agency as Dan Arnold is the only close end of Saints under contract for 2019. Of course, they could bring Josh Hill back, but if they are after an upgrade search, they would have to do it because of a lack of selection of train passports and the history of the rookie fight in free agencies.

Jermon Bushrod missed the game last week and was eliminated on Sunday due to a hamstring injury. I think two more weeks would give him time to recover, but that's no guarantee, especially for a 34-year-old.

If Terron Armstead and Bushrod were both unavailable for some reason, Andrus Peat would probably do this play left tackle while either Cameron Tom or Will Clapp left guard. However, I have to assume that one of Armstead or Bushrod – possibly both – will be ready.

The season for the saints will be unusual for the saints this year. Will the local media even make illusory models? Imagine trying to guess the 64th choice (possibly) in the design.

I believe that an offensive line should be a priority for every team in every design. The Saints are quite deep inside with Cameron Tom and Will Clapp, but they could certainly take some depth. One respondent specifically asked about the search for a left attack, but it would not surprise me if Ryan Ramczyk finally decided to fight in the long run if Terron Armstead continues to have injury issues.

Next to the offensive line, I would talk about everything Recipients are the most important requirements, but if you score only one goal in the first four rounds, the Saints will probably be forced to use the best available approach even more than usual ,

Ginn is doing well as far as I know. On Thursday and Friday he was restricted due to a knee injury, which put him in the injured reserve for most of the time. I do not think we should read a lot about it. The saints had essentially one pass on Wednesday, so it was possible that the easy day was the reason why he could fully exercise before being restricted for the next two days.

Tre & # 39; Quan Smith said Ginn will not play against the Panthers on Sunday. But that makes sense, because there's no reason to have him out there if he's not 100 percent. I'm sure Ginn will be good for the playoffs.

Slim. I know many fans want to see Marshall play for the Saints, but if he could not crack the match of the day while he was here for four games, what would change in the playoffs? I suspect a reception corps injury might cause Marshall to be returned in the postseason, but considering Marshall was on the team while Ted Ginn Jr. was still on IR, Marshall could take several injuries to call receive. [19659061]
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