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Salt Lake Valley could have a white Christmas. Well, maybe.

If you've dreamed of a white Christmas, there's hope that your dream will come true.

This is by no means a sure thing, but the National Weather Service predicts a good chance for snow in the air. Probably only after you have finished opening the gifts. And if officially it will be a white Christmas in the sense of the NWS – at least an inch of snow on the ground – is questionable at best.

It is expected that early Monday in northern Utah there will be light snow, which will subside until early morning. to NWS. There is little expected accumulation, although the roads will be wet.

A second storm is expected to begin on Christmas Eve and continue until Christmas morning. In some areas there will be an accumulation ̵

1; mainly at an altitude of more than 5,500 feet – but rain will mix with snow as temperatures rise in the low 40s. In the evening, the precipitation falls back into the snow as temperatures drop below freezing.

According to NWS, Salt Lake City has often had white Christmas balls in the past 90 years – but not much more often. Between 1928 and 2017, the capital city of Utah on December 25 had a total of 49 times (54 percent) more than an inch of snow.

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