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Samsung asks users to be extra careful with Galaxy Fold

It begins with a reminder that the fold's display is protected and does not require an additional movie – one of the reasons why early units were damaged was that the reviewers removed that layer. However, the video also advises potential buyers to "use a light touch".

It is explained below that the Fold was constructed with a spine "inspired by the precision of watch mechanics" and that you should keep it free of water and dust. Samsung redesigned the top and bottom edges of the hinge with caps as dust entered the older hinge design and blocked the mechanism. It is not entirely clear why the company still wants you to protect it from dust and how it expects you to achieve that.

Finally, the company states that the device uses strategically placed magnets to hold it securely in the folded state. For this reason, according to Samsung, it should not be placed near keys or coins that could damage it. The device should also not be kept near debit or credit cards, which means you can not easily throw it in your pocket / purse with anything else. Samsung even warns you against consulting your doctor if you have an implantable medical device.

The video ends with a note that Samsung has created the Galaxy Fold Premier Service to help you maintain the Foldable Phone Slash Tablet. You can see it all down, but here is a one-line summary for you: If you're clumsy, you may want to think twice about buying the $ 2,000 device.

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