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Samsung drops another Galaxy F-Teaser

Samsung has just released another teaser for its upcoming event on February 20, and coincidentally, this is also annoying about its hinged device that the rumor mill has long talked about.

In The Very Short Teaser Samsung uses a pretty clever pun and announces that the future of mobile phones will "unfold" in less than ten days. As you might guess, this does not confirm that we're likely to get a fuller look at the flexible Samsung device. As a reminder, the device was briefly shown at the Samsung Developer Conference in November 2018, but the actual design and other gadget details have been omitted.

As it happens, we may be near a complete unveiling near the still unnamed device, which could be called either Galaxy F, Galaxy Flex, or Galaxy Fold.

We've summarized everything you need to know over the phone in our special rumor review report, which is available here.

Next to it With the Galaxy F / Fold / Flex, Samsung will also release the Galaxy S1

0, S10 + and S10e – you can find out more here.

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