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Samsung fixes the fingerprint vulnerability in the Galaxy S10, Note10

Samsung releases a patch for the Galaxy S10 and the Note10, both of which revealed errors in reading fingerprints in the past week. The fingerprint sensors on the screen of the phone apparently could be unlocked for everyone and merely required the placement of a clear silicone phone case over the sensor. Samsung has not released any official release that the patch is available, but both Reuters and Reddit have reported that there is a patch.

After the news became known last week, Samsung acknowledged some [10909026] Galaxy Note10 and S10 fingerprint issues in a press release: "This issue involved unlocking devices by ultrasonic fingerprint sensors after three-dimensional patterns were detected that appear on certain protective covers for silicone displays as user fingerprints. " Samsung continued, "We recommend users of the Galaxy Note10 / 10 + and S10 / S10 + / S10 5G who use such covers to remove the cover, erase all previous fingerprints, and re-register their fingerprints."

Samsung's statement last week and the patch release notes do not properly describe the problem with the fingerprint that people have experienced. We wonder if the error in the fingerprint is actually fixed.

In the patch notes, the "reported problem" is "If you have used a screen cover, such as a silicone cover with a textured surface on the inside, the texture may be recognized as a fingerprint that will allow you to unlock your phone "Samsung seems to believe that you can register a piece of silicone as a fingerprint and then unlock the phone. However, this is not an accurate description of what has been shown in many online videos. Even screenless devices have shown fingerprint safety issues.

The problem is that by placing certain transparent objects over the fingerprint reader any can penetrate Samsung's latest generation phones. Sometimes it's a clear screen protector, and sometimes it's a clear phone case. Sometimes it's a random piece of translucent plastic. The phone does not learn and does not remember a textured piece of silicon as a fingerprint – it's unlocked with a piece of silicon it's never seen before. If you only bother the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10 or Note10 for a while, it seems for some reason it gives up and unlocks the phone.

Since the original report numerous videos surfaced online demonstration of fingerprint error. One of the best examples is the above video: It shows someone who registers multiple fingerprints on the Galaxy Note10 bare screen, and then identifies each finger (even unregistered fingers) as a "left index" when a transparent film is placed between a finger and the computer Fingerprint is placed reader.

Viewing this on the fingerprint adjustment screen gives you a better idea of ​​what's going on. However, if this were the lock screen, the phone would be unlocked each time, possibly for an unauthorized user.

Since Samsung is so vague about the problem, we can not say if it was actually fixed. We have to wait for the patch to be released and do more tests to make sure.

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