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Samsung Galaxy Fold orders must be canceled by May 31st

The Samsung Galaxy Fold display is already broken after two days. This phone costs $ 2,000.

Todd Haselton | CNBC

Samsung does not yet have a confirmed delivery date for the $ 2,000 Galaxy Fold, its new folding phone, which was delayed after testing devices, including one tested by CNBC, before the phone hit the market.

Reuters told Samsung in an email to customers who pre-ordered the device that it will automatically cancel all orders if it can not ship the device by May 31

and a customer does not confirm its continuing interest.

"If we do not hear from you by May 31st and are not sent, your order will automatically be canceled," Reuters said. A spokesman for Samsung told CNBC that the cancellations were due to US regulations.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold was made available to early reviewers in April, ahead of its scheduled launch date for April 26. The CNBC unit collapsed after two days. Other critics from Bloomberg, The Verge and The Wall Street Journal pulled off a special movie that looked like a screen protector causing damage.

The company asked for all test equipment and delayed publication on April 22nd. Samsung said the phone "Further improvements" must be made before the release to customers, including better guidance, so that consumers can not remove the protective film from the top of the screen.

Anyone who has pre-ordered the device will only be charged when it is delivered. Samsung says it is working to "enhance display protection" and has not yet announced an expected release date.

"Samsung Electronics America is committed to keeping our customers up-to-date on Galaxy Fold's pre-order status," a company spokesman told CNBC. "As we continue to make improvements to the Galaxy Fold, no new release date has yet been announced, so we recently contacted our pre-order customers to provide them with information about their options over time."

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