Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S10 event, new information about the company's upcoming wireless earphones was released. The details are from FCC and Samsung Turkey. They include a name confirmation and a partial picture of the accessory's charging case, which is expected to be the successor to Samsung's Gear IconX earphones.

The first news tip is about Reddit, where users have found that the company's Turkish website lists "Galaxy Buds" on the warranty information page. This is consistent with the device's Bluetooth SIG filing and makes sense from the point of view of branding, although it should be emphasized that the name "Samsung Buds" was at least until recently in the mix. Samsung has applied for the Samsung Buds brand in Europe this September and has so far registered the new name Galaxy Buds at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. In the US, however, only Galaxy Buds were protected (in October 201


As far as the FCC's January 29 listing is concerned, as usual, certification does not diminish much. However, it shows a picture of the underside of the charging box. The image shows an oval object (hopefully a little less bulky than the IconX loading bay (see above)) with a charging port on one side. It's not clear if this is a USB-C charging port, but since the latest generation of IconX had a USB-C port, it's safe to assume that Samsung will keep this choice with its new wireless earphones.

What else we can expect from the earphones: The Bluetooth login confirmed Bluetooth 5.0 for the device and a leak of SamMobile indicated that the Galaxy Buds offer 8GB of onboard memory and improve battery life , We'll probably learn more about the Galaxy Unpacked event in a few weeks, so stay tuned.