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Samsung updates its older smartwatches with a host of new features

Samsung updates the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active with a number of new features introduced with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, our choice for the best smartwatch for Android users. These include new features for Bixby Voice, more customization options for the dials, new Samsung Health features, and a touch interface for the Galaxy Watch Active.

Adding the touch interface to the Galaxy Watch Active should be especially welcome later In our review, we complained that the rotating bezel of previous Samsung smartwatches was lacking. The touch interface felt intuitive in the test of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, so hopefully it can be transferred well to its predecessor. The Galaxy Watch already has a rotating mechanical bezel.

Samsung is also changing a number of UX elements on both Tizen-based smartwatches. The icons for apps in use have been moved. The current time will now be displayed while you are using or talking on the Stopwatch app. The icons on the watch's quick panel are now easier to customize. There are also new customization options, including 24 new sub-dials and complications for a total of 41


Bixby also gets some updates to its functionality for both watches. According to Samsung, Voice Assistant can now be used to start training routines and control SmartThings devices. It now works in more languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian and … British English? However, our experience with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 makes it unlikely that the new functionality is a revolution. On the Active 2, we found that Bixby is still a mark against the smartwatch, and that the voice assistant often feels unresponsive and restrictive.

Finally, Samsung Health gets some new features for both watches. The Daily Active feature now logs fitness goals and lap times while running or cycling. There is also a new low heart rate alert feature. Considering that we have called Galaxy Watch Active 2 the "first smartwatch and second fitness tracker," you should probably expect reasonable expectations of the new functionality.

Despite this, it's great to see that Samsung's two previous smartwatches are getting big updates, especially if you can buy the Galaxy Watch Active for around $ 80 less than its successor in Samsung's US business. You get a slightly smaller display and a smaller battery, but the two clocks share the same Exynos 9110 chipset. If you opt for the Galaxy Watch model for one of the two Active models, you will not save money either. However, if you need a mechanically rotating bezel, this is the right choice.

Samsung indicates that the new updates will be introduced in the region. by region as of today.

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