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Samsung's Always-On Display supports those GIFs that you can not stop

Samsung's always-on-display technology is pretty neat. If you lock your phone, the time, date, and any unread notifications are displayed without affecting battery life too much.

Recent updates let you customize the ad with topics and photos. You can even add media controls. But do you know what it has missed so far? GIFs

Fortunately, Samsung is correcting this by introducing GIF support for the always-on display for Galaxy S8 / S8 + and Note 8 users.

Users can now select GIFs from their photo libraries. They can not be too long, so you may need to trim your choices. In addition, they are only played once when users lock the display rather than on a loop.

That's likely to prevent display burn or too much battery drain.

It is possible to reanimate the GIFs by tapping the screens twice, according to posters on the Samsung subreddit (via Android Police), which first discovered the feature.

To install the update, users with always-on display, Note 8 and Galaxy S8 can access the Galaxy App Store

You can change your own settings under Settings> Screen Lock and Security> Always On Display

It It's not clear yet if the update is available for the new Galaxy S9 series, but it does not appear at this stage.

Did you take the new GIF support for a spin? Tell us your thoughts @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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