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Sanaa Lathan was on Beyonce Biter party – Report confirmed – Hollywood Life

Omg! Sanaa Lathan is frighteningly called by several sources as alleged Bitter of Beyonce, though the actress has already denied the wild allegations. Get the details here!

Sanaa Lathan could be the actress who allegedly bit Beyonce ! Several sources recently confirmed that the actress is the alleged notorious biter of Page Six and we're freaking out! The sources claim that Sanaa entered with Beyonce's husband Jay-Z at the D & # 39; s VIP Party Backstage, which took place after his Los Angeles show in December 2017, and eventually Bey. Sanaa then allegedly bit the Superstar singer in a playful way on the chin. "It was a big deal in the moment at the party, everyone was talking about how anyone would dare," a source said about the biting moment.

Beyonce's famous Beiss incident was first publicized As a comedian Tiffany Haddish recently spoke in an interview with GQ Magazine about it. Although she did not reveal who the Biter was, she described details of the event and how she interacted with Bey after it happened. "Beyoncé's at the bar, so I said … Did she really bite you?" The comedian told the magazine. "[Bey] was like," Tiffany, no, do not do that … she's not even drunk … just chill. "" It seems Beyonce quickly forgave and wanted to forget what the reason why she did not publicly comment on the ordeal.

After many factors that included Sanaa were associated with details of the biting story, many began to speculate that it was the answer to the famous hashtag #WhoBitBeyonce? but she declined it as soon as she could. "You're all funny," she wrote on Twitter. "I certainly did not bit Beyonce and it would have been a love bite."

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