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Sara Netanyahu cuts plea for catering case

JERUSALEM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara Netanyahu, has reached an agreement of opposition on Wednesday morning, paying fines and compensation of around $ 15,000 to settle allegations that she is paying approximately $ 100,000 in public funding for the Administration of the couple's official has abused residence.

The prosecutor announced that Ms. Netanyahu, who had charged her with fraud, had concealed the fact that a cook was on the payroll so she could order hundreds of meals at expensive restaurants and bill the state.

Under Under the Public Prosecutor's Contract, the amount of public money in question was halved to approximately US $ 50,000, and Ms. Netanyahu pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of fraud, especially as she purposely made the mistake someone else had exploited. She has to pay about $ 2800 in fines and $ 1

2,500 in reimbursement.

wife. Netanyahu, 60, was charged with fraud and fraud a year ago. The case concerned the years 2010 to 2013. The prosecution accused her of "exploiting her status as a spouse of the prime minister" and of cooperating with a spike Help with a "planned, ongoing and systematic" program to break and introduce the government's rules to hide state accountants.

The agreement, which was formulated before the court of the Jerusalem Magistrate, ends a case that has embarrassed the Netanyahu family Englisch: emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 157 & lang = en Netanyahu, however, is being subjected to much more serious personal prosecution for bribery, fraud and violations of the law, trusting his connections to rich business people and allegations that he traded official favors for gifts and positive coverage. It is generally expected that he will be charged after a hearing is scheduled for 2 October. However, he is expected to request an extension from the Supreme Court of Israel.

Netanyahu himself is still facing a lawsuit from a former house cleaner. The woman, Shira Raban, worked at the prime minister's residence for a month in 2017 and said that Ms. Netanyahu had abused her and insulted her constantly. She claims damages of $ 63,000. On Tuesday, Ms. Netanyahu's lawyer accused Ms. Raban of lying for money.

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